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The ABS controller is responsible for monitoring the rotation of the wheels. Like any electronic system, it can go out after some time, and if you need to have it replaced, then you should have an idea of how much it will cost. That way, you are less likely to be taken advantage of.

A lot of garages will be able to fix your ABS control module for somewhere between $340 and $1,100. The huge price difference isn’t really affected by labor costs, which range between $80 and $120. Instead, it comes down to how much your individual parts cost, which can be as little as $230 or as much as $1,000. It all depends on what kind of car you have and how difficult it is to source some of the parts.

ABS Control Module Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$427-$1223



Parts & Labour12 months$408-$1345


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$388-$1148



Parts & Labour24 months$389-$1221








What Is ABS Control Module Replacement?

The ABS system essentially takes the feedback from how you are pressing the gas pedal and reinterprets it to the brakes so that you don’t damage the vehicle. It staggers the braking on the tires, regulating how much pressure is placed on the brakes. This ensures you don’t have to replace the brake pads prematurely but also allows you to brake enough to stay out of harm’s way. It’s a smart system, but as complex as it is, it is prone to breaking down after extensive use.

It is important to have the module replaced when it starts to break down because, without it, you can lose skid protection in many instances. You may not be able to control your braking as easily when your tires lift off the road, when you make a hard turn or when you are accelerating quickly.

Your car will still be able to function, but there is the definite possibility of injury to yourself or others and damage to the car and other property if the ABS module isn’t working as it should.

Benefits of ABS Control Module Replacement

Replacing it can be an involved process and cost you quite a bit, but it is  worth it for the safety it provides. It gives you peace of mind and better control, especially during dangerous driving scenarios, such as inclement weather or when you have to make split-second decisions.

What Is Done during ABS Control Module Replacement?

To replace the module, the technician will have to remove the connections to the battery and the braking system. The ABS module is integral to how the brakes work and is connected to them, so if your brakes aren’t working as they should, your ABS system won’t be able to function properly and vice versa.

Once all the connections are taken off, the new module can be installed. This module will vary from one car to another. After it has been installed, the technician will flush the brake system and bleed it. Then the technician will put in any manufacturer-specific updates. These will help the ABS system to work more efficiently. The technician will also clean all connections and some of the surrounding parts to ensure a proper fit and strong electrical connections.

When to Get The ABS Control Module Replaced

You will know your ABS system isn’t working quite right if you start to skid while doing the kinds of maneuvers that you used to before without skidding. You shouldn’t assume the system is faulty just because you are skidding high, nor should you assume that it has broken down just because you have been driving the car for a while. This kind of problem is usually caught by technicians when you go for your regular servicing, but you do want to watch out for the warning signs when you are driving.

One of the best indicators that your module is malfunctioning is that it makes a humming noise after you have turned off the car. Those who are a bit more car savvy may want to scan the system from time to time and see if the coils are burnt out, which is a definite sign that it is time to replace the module.

Don’t wait to have the system repaired, as it can cause you to get into an entirely avoidable accident. You need to take anything to do with your vehicle’s braking system seriously, the ABS control module included.

How to Save Money on ABS Control Module Replacement

If you want to save some money on the sometimes-expensive replacement, you can compare prices from various replacement services. Just know that some of the more expensive cars will have expensive parts to replace, no matter where you buy theom. You can get some quotes from a few different mechanics before you settle on one, though.

If you are looking to save even more, you can cut out the labor costs completely by doing the work yourself. This replacement can take some time, but it isn’t too complicated for most people with a basic knowledge of car repairs to handle. You can find videos and tutorials online that show you how to replace the system yourself, and you can source the parts yourself, sometimes for cheaper than what the auto shop would charge. Just make sure you are getting the right module by checking the pins on it to ensure they match up.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace the ABS Control Module

As with most auto repairs, the difference in the cost of ABS Control Module Replacement will depend on where you have it fixed and what parts are required. We’ve compiled some sample costs for some popular models of car below:

Ford F-Series$88-$111$311 – $644$399 – $755
Chevrolet Silverado$88-$111$420 – $712$508 – $823
Ford Focus$88-$111$398 – $679$486 – $792
Toyota Camry$88-$111$571 – $820$659 – $931
Toyota Corolla$88-$111$571 – $820$659 – $931
Nissan Altima$88-$111$240 – $478$328 – $589
Honda CR-V$88-$111$523 – $941$611 – $1052
Honda Civic$88-$111$523 – $941$611 – $1052
Honda Accord$88-$111$523 – $941$611 – $1052
Ford Fusion$88-$111$311 – $644$399 – $755

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