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The AC Accumulator is one of those car parts you probably won’t see anything wrong with by making a cursory inspection of your vehicle. That’s because it is in a sealed system, so you can only see it by opening up part of your AC system. You are more likely to suspect it is in need of repairs because your AC isn’t working like should be, and by then, the problem could be very serious and expensive. How expensive is it? Well, it will cost you anywhere between $130 and $400. The labor usually costs about $70 or $80, but if you have any model of Acura, that price can skyrocket to several hundred dollars. These cars simply have more complex AC accumulator replacement work that needs to be done. The parts will range between $40 and $100, with Acura’s coming in on the low end, in the main.

AC Accumulator Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$289-$442



Parts & Labour12 months$297-$468


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$278-$521



Parts & Labour24 months$288-$411








What Is AC Accumulator Replacement?

If your AC accumulator is no longer working or is damaged, then the technician will need to replace that part, the O rings that connect to the rest of the AC system and the coolant fluid it uses. In some cases, the damage caused by a malfunctioning accumulator may include other parts of the AC system. More of your system than the accumulator may have been damaged by some force or malfunction, and they may need to be replaced as well.

The technician will use a vacuum pump during the repairs to get rid of the AC fluid. This isn’t something most people have on hand, which is why this is usually a replacement better left to the professionals.

Benefits of AC Accumulator Replacement

By having your accumulator replaced, you can enjoy cool air once more and a system that functions like it should, keeping the car interior from overheating and making for a more pleasant drive in hot weather. The benefit of professional repair is that there is much less chance of something being damaged while the replacement is taking place. This is a delicate procedure and one that needs to be performed by an experienced individual.

What Is Done During AC Accumulator Replacement?

The technician will begin by removing the refrigerant from the AC system. This generally requires a refrigerant recovery machine, which is hooked up to the AC system. The technician will measure how much refrigerant is removed and match that same amount when they replace it.

Then they will take out the old, damaged AC accumulator and its connecting O rings. New rings and a new accumulator will then be installed. The entire AC system will be placed in a vacuum, and then the refrigerant will be replaced. Finally, the vehicle will be tested on the road to see how the replacement has affected it and to ensure that it has been installed correctly.

When to Get AC Accumulator Replacement

The most obvious sign that your accumulator or any part of your AC system isn’t working is that you aren’t getting cold air through the AC system in your vehicle or it just isn’t operating as it should be. Then again, that could mean any part of the system has broken down.

If you do a check of your car and specifically the AC system, then you may notice corrosion and excess moisture there. When the accumulator isn’t functioning as it should, moisture will build up and cause parts of the system to deteriorate more rapidly, which is why it needs to be replaced as soon as you can. This is a part that is often replaced when AC repairs are being done since it will likely need to be replaced in the near future if some other part of the AC system is no longer working easy it should be.

How to Save Money on AC Accumulator Replacement

The biggest money-saving tip we can give you for this service is to compare prices among a few different vehicle repair shops. You want to be careful about going for a price that’s far below the competition, but you also don’t want to get taken advantage of. You probably won’t save much meant by buying the parts yourself or looking for a used part. It’s not wise to get a used accumulator anyway.

You can try to save money by doing the work yourself, but that’s not usually a good option for this kind of replacement. It’s simply too involved of a process, and it takes such specialized tools that most people won’t be able to pull it off without paying a lot of money for parts and possibly damaging their AC system.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace an AC Accumulator

Ford F-Series$88-$111$220 – $275$308 – $386
Chevrolet Silverado$88-$111$220 – $275$308 – $386
Ford Focus$88-$111$220 – $275$308 – $386
Toyota Camry$88-$111$220 – $275$308 – $386
Toyota Corolla$88-$111$220 – $275$308 – $386
Nissan Altima$88-$111$220 – $275$308 – $386
Honda CR-V$88-$111$220 – $275$308 – $386
Honda Civic$88-$111$220 – $275$308 – $386
Honda Accord$88-$111$220 – $275$308 – $386
Ford Fusion$88-$111$220 – $275$308 – $386

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