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The air intake temperature sensor measures how hot or cold the incoming air is and then adjusts the air intake of the engine to compensate. Your engine needs the right amount of air to function properly and to produce the proper combustion for efficient operations. Hot air is light and not very dense, while cold air is denser and heavier. So, as the temperature of the air changes, the sensor tells the engine pump to take in less or more air.

Once that component starts to fail, however, you will need to get it replaced. That can cost you anywhere from $80 to $270. The big price range is due to the parts costs. Depending on the kind of car you have, you may only need to pay about $6 for the parts, while others can cost close to $100. Labor costs are about even across the board, with most places charging you about $120 for labor, but that can vary slightly based on your vehicle.

Air Intake Temperature Sensor Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$79-$245



Parts & Labour12 months$81-$260


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$74-$271



Parts & Labour24 months$82-$271







What Is Air Intake Temperature Sensor Replacement?

If your air intake temperate sensor fails, then it may not be noticed by a regular inspection. You have to watch for the warning signs yourself. Replacing it may not be a long and involved process, but is a potentially dangerous one. There are some very high temperatures to deal with when accessing the sensor, and it is best to leave that to the professionals who know what to watch out for.

Benefits of Air Intake Temperature Sensor Replacement

By getting the sensor replaced, you will enjoy better fuel economy, your engine will receive the right amount of fuel, and you won’t have to deal with the extra costs associated with a failing sensor. Your car will also operate much more efficiently. If the sensor isn’t working, then it can cause the engine to idle roughly or cause misfires and other problems associated with regular vehicle operations. The sooner you get this problem taken care of, the sooner your car will run smoothly again.

What Is Done during Air Intake Temperature Sensor Replacement?

First of all, the technician is going check to see what’s wrong with the sensor. Maybe the connections just need to be tightened or changed, or maybe the entire sensor has gone bad. After some testing, the technician will remove the bad sensor, if it needs to be replaced. He will be dealing with several engine parts that need to move out of the way, some of which are very hot and will need to be handled with care.

Then he will put in a new sensor and replace any engine parts or other pieces he had to take out to get it. Once everything is in place, he will test out the new sensor to see how it’s working. This may require a road test of the vehicle to check its performance.

When to Get Air Intake Temperature Sensor Replacement

You may notice some signs that your air intake temperature sensor isn’t working right. The most obvious will be problems with the way your car runs. It may misfire or operate with a jerk when you press the pedal. Exhaust may be black, and you might have some trouble getting the car to start.

Most people  start to pay attention, however, once they see the engine light on. While this could mean any number things, that indicator is used to signal a problem with this sensor.

You should have this problem fixed as soon as you can, but you can still run the car while the sensor is broke. You will just pay more for gas and experience a rougher ride.

How to Save Money on Air Intake Temperature Sensor Replacement

While you could save money by doing the work yourself, it’s not recommended. You should leave that for the professionals since there is a distract danger of being burned while you are replacing the sensor.

You may be able to save some money by sourcing your own parts, but it’s best not to get a used sensor because these fail regularly, and there is a good chance that the one you are getting is already close to failing. Instead, you will be best able to cut your costs by comparing prices among the different technicians in your area.

Sample Air Intake Temperature Sensor Replacement Cost

Ford F-Series$83 – $98$22 – $45$105 – $143
Chevrolet Silverado$140 – $180$65 – $85$205 – $265
Ford Focus$83 – $98$22 – $45$105 – $143
Toyota Camry$108 – $120$34 – $49$142 – $169
Toyota Corolla$108 – $120$34 – $49$142 – $169
Nissan Altima$68 – $75$14 – $38$82 – $113
Honda CR-V$133 – $145$56 – $78$189 – $223
Honda Civic$133 – $145$56 – $78$189 – $223
Honda Accord$133 – $145$56 – $78$189 – $223
Ford Fusion$83 – $98$22 – $45$105 – $143

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