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If your radiator is leaking coolant, it’s a serious problem that needs to be dealt with right away. For those hoping that a simple patch job will do the trick, you will probably be disappointed. In fact, it can take hours to make the repair, if it is serious enough. If it is something more serious, like a smashed up radiator, then you can pay several hundred for a replacement or repairs.

Antifreeze Leak Repair Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$86-$137



Parts & Labour12 months$79-$141


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$89-$129



Parts & Labour24 months$77-$145


What Is Antifreeze Leak Repair?

This can be a fairly simple process, only taking a couple of hours, or it can take most of the day and cost you a bundle. It depends on what is causing the leak. Antifreeze travels through different parts of the radiator until someone gets under the hood and pokes around, they aren’t going to know what is causing the leak. It’s possible that the leaking has caused more problems as well, and you need to be ready for some expensive repairs.

Expect to pay a lot and spend a long time getting this issue fixed, and then be grateful if it ends up being a quick, easy fix. You may need to pay for a new hose, a new radiator or just some sealant to take care of a leak. It could just be that the radiator cap is loose or broken due to pressure buildup. That’s generally an easy fix if it hasn’t been leaking long. You won’t know until the radiator has been examined, though.

Benefits of Antifreeze Leak Repair

Getting the leak fixed means that you can enjoy the benefit of a working car. When the antifreeze is leaking, it puts your entire car in danger. Once it is repaired, you don’t have to worry about the leak causing overheating or warping of parts.

The sooner you get this problem taken care of, the more money you can save on repairs down the road. If you catch it early enough, it can be a quick and cheap fix, so it’s in your best interests to keep a look any out for leaks and handle them as soon as you notice them.

What Is Done during Antifreeze Leak Repair?

The process for fixing an antifreeze leak will vary depending what is causing the leak. The technician will have to start by assessing the problem and figuring out where the leak is coming from. He will also need to determine the extent of the damage. If you have been driving for a while with the leak, then you may need to have a lot of parts cleaned, repaired or replaced.

The technician will then remove the leaking part to seal it up. He may have to take out few parts to get to the problem area, and some leaks are far more severe and involved than others.

Then he will need to put in new parts, make sure they are sealed up tight and test out the car to ensure there are no further leaks. The technician will see how the new parts perform with a driveway test and then possibly a road test.

Depending on what caused the leak, this whole process can take a couple of hours or go for eight hours or more.

When to Get Antifreeze Leak Repair

You may see a puddle of blue-green goo under your car or in your parking spot, and that’s likely to be the first sign that your radiator is leaking. Your car may also smoke or overheat if the radiator is leaking. Your car can become too hot if this isn’t fixed promptly, and that can cause warping and damage to other car parts, so you want to get it fixed quickly. It’s best not to even drive your car when there is a coolant leak. It would be better just to have the mechanic come to your home and tow you to the shop if they need to go there for repairs.

Just be sure to have this taken care of as soon as you notice it. Waiting very long to get the problem fixed can mean that you damage a ton of different car parts and have today out a lot in repairs.

How to Save Money on Antifreeze Leak Repair

If the problem is a simple one and you can identify the leak right away, then you can fix it yourself without much trouble. Replacing a cap or a hose isn’t usually a complicated or dangerous process, but sealing a radiator, replacing a water tank or replacing the radiator itself can be very complex, and you should leave that to the professionals. In other words, don’t get yourself in over your head just to save some money on repairs.

You can compare rates between different technicians, but you will likely have to get a fresh assessment at each mechanic before they can quote you an accurate price. That assessment may not be free, so keep that in mind if you are thinking about going around and comparing prices.

Sample Antifreeze Leak Repair Costs

Ford F-Series$90 – $115$90 – $115
Chevrolet Silverado$90 – $115$90 – $115
Ford Focus$90 – $115$90 – $115
Toyota Camry$90 – $115$90 – $115
Toyota Corolla$90 – $115$90 – $115
Nissan Altima$90 – $115$90 – $115
Honda CR-V$90 – $115$90 – $115
Honda Civic$90 – $115$90 – $115
Honda Accord$90 – $115$90 – $115
Ford Fusion$90 – $115$90 – $115

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