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Your air filter keeps the air in the car clean, pulling dust, dirt and other irritants and pollutants out of the air. It makes the car’s environment breathable while allowing cool or warm air to flow through easily. When it’s dirty or damaged, you need to have it replaced.

One of the less expensive replacement jobs for your car, a cabin air filter replacement should run you about $70-$100. The parts will be between $40 and $54, while the labor should cost you around $40.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$41-$131



Parts & Labour12 months$39-$145


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$44-$156



Parts & Labour24 months$40-$129








What Is Cabin Air Filter Replacement?

Most cabin air filters will be made of foam or paper and framed in plastic. Some of the more expensive ones or ones for high-end cars may be carbon activated, which helps to filter out fumes and toxins in the air. The more conventional filters simply collect pollen, dust, mold, dirt and other particles floating through the air. These are held in the filter, where they accumulate until it is time to replace the filter.

Having the filters replaced is a quick and simple procedure, and it will probably only take 30 minutes or so. In most cases, you will only need to pay for the cost of a new filter, and there shouldn’t be any other parts that need to be replaced.

Benefits of Cabin Air Filter Replacement

By having your cabin air filter replaced, you can enjoy cleaner, more breathable air. The air will smell better, feel colder or hotter and blow through the vents more freely. As dirt and particles accumulate on the filter, they can obstruct the flow of air, so getting a new filter put in means that you will enjoy more powerful air for the car’s cabin.

You will also experience a healthier car interior. If you suffer from allergies, then having that filter kept clean means that you will experience fewer allergic reactions. You will be able to breathe easier and not be as likely to feel ill so often. Even those who don’t have allergies will be healthier and feel better when the filter is kept clean and new.

What Is Done during Cabin Air Filter Replacement?

This is one of the simplest regular procedures you can have done for your car. The technician will diagnose the filter before replacing it with a new one. Just because there is a smell or poor air quality coming from the vents, that doesn’t mean the filter needs to be replaced.

Taking out the filter is quick and easy, and even high-end cars are not much more complex. Some of them may have two fitters to replace, but the replacement time should be about the same for any car. You should be able to wait in the shop while this is done. Once the new filter is in place, the technician will test it out to ensure there is proper air flow and that any unpleasant odors have been eliminated.

When to Get Cabin Air Filter Replacement

In general, you will want to have your air filter replaced about every 40,000 miles. If you need it changed before then, however, then feel free to do so. How often it needs replacing will depend on the quality of the air outside and how often you use the heating and cooling system in your car.

If you feel that you aren’t getting much air through vents or there are unpleasant smells filtering through, then it is likely time to replace the filter. This is something that your technician should be checking when performing regular maintenance on your vehicle, and most people won’t need to change out the filter until they take their car for a service every few months. Even then, the filter should only have to be changed out every other visit or so.

It’s okay to drive your car with a dirty air filter, but that may make for an unpleasant ride, and it could cause you some minor health problems or make it uncomfortable to ride in the car during very cold or hot weather.

How to Save on Cabin Air Filter Replacement

You don’t have to be very skilled at car repairs to be able to switch out your filter. This is a great way to save money- doing the work yourself, but it won’t save you a lot since it is a relatively inexpensive procedure. You should be able to switch out the filter on your own in half an hour or so, and you can always find a guide online if you are unsure of how to open up your car to get to the filter or even where to find the filter. Just be sure that everything is secured back where it should be before you finish up.

You can also compare the rates among a few different garages in your area. You probably won’t save much, but if you are watching your pennies, this is one of the better ways to save a little bit of money.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$36 – $46$28 – $32$64 – $78
Chevrolet Silverado$63 – $80$35 – $40$98 – $120
Ford Focus$36 – $46$28 – $32$64 – $78
Toyota Camry$27 – $34$18 – $39$45 – $73
Toyota Corolla$36 – $46$18 – $38$54 – $84
Nissan Altima$27 – $34$27 – $43$54 – $77
Honda CR-V$27 – $34$18 – $22$45 – $56
Honda Civic$27 – $34$37 – $43$64 – $77
Honda Accord$27 – $34$12 – $21$39 – $55
Ford Fusion$36 – $46$28 – $32$64 – $78

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