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The camshaft within the engine spins when the engine is activated, and the camshaft position sensor continuously monitors where the camshaft is. This information is relayed to the car’s computer to let it know that there are no engine errors. Once the camshaft sensor begins to fail, however, you may not find out there is an engine problem until something goes seriously wrong.

To have the sensor replaced, you can expect to pay between $130 and $200. For labor, you should pay between $70 and $90, and parts can cost as much as $100 or slightly more, but you could pay as little as $60 for them, depending on the kind of car you have. The costs vary due to different pricing structures from the various mechanics in your area, as well as the cost of parts associated with the car you have or how much labor it takes to get the old part out and put in a new one.

Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$105-$315



Parts & Labour12 months$100-$325


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$109-$339



Parts & Labour24 months$95-$350







What Is Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement?

The sensor is located near the engine’s camshaft and it is vital for keeping the engine in check and ensuring that nothing is wrong with it. If the sensor starts to fail, you could have other problems coupled with it. You may need to pay for more than just the sensor to be replaced. You could have to seal an oil leak or fix something else in the car depending on how much damage the leak has caused. You may also need to have your engine repaired if the sensor problem has gone on for a while unnoticed.

You can have the sensor replaced in under an hour if that is all that needs to be done. Some cars take a little longer to replace the sensor on, but it is a relatively simple procedure. What may take the longest is simply diagnosing the problem to ensure that it is only related to the sensor and not more widespread.

Benefits of Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement

Once you have the camshaft position sensor fixed, you can receive more accurate information about the engine. The engine light will be able to tell you when there is a problem, instead of you having to guess. This relatively inexpensive procedure can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars as it allows you to catch problems early before they become more serious.

What Is Done during Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement?

Your technician will need to examine your sensor and engine before determining if the sensor needs to be replaced. Once the sensor is identified as the problem, the technician will remove any connecting wires from the sensor and take out the old part. The new part will be placed in, but sometimes sealant will need to be added first. The new sensor will be connected and the vehicle tested.

When to Get a Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement

One of the most common reasons for a camshaft position sensor failure is oil leaks. If you notice oil leaking near the engine, then it is likely that the sensor has been damaged by that leaking oil.

You should also look for an indicator light or error code about your engine or the shaft itself. Cars that issue error codes often group multiple issues under one error code, so don’t assume that it is a camshaft sensor problem just because you are recovering the error code for that issue.

Other more serious indicators that your sensor may have failed include your car not starting or the car giving trouble to maintain speed. Your vehicle may also stutter when you start it or run roughly on the road.

You can still drive the car when the sensor is not working or is damaged, but it is not advisable. You need to get this problem fixed as soon as possible to avoid further expenses and problems. The sensor is vital to catching engine problems early.

How to Save on a Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement

Your best bet for saving money on this replacement is to compare rates among the technicians in your area. They may have different prices for parts or labor, and you can get a good deal if you shop around.

It’s not advisable to change out the sensor on your own, as you may miss other problems related to this issue or may misdiagnose the problem.

Sample Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$61-$78$49-$241$110-$319
Chevrolet Silverado$132-$167$21-$37$153-$204
Ford Focus$70-$89$64-$104$134-$193
Toyota Camry$35-$45$80-$175$115-$220
Toyota Corolla$52-$67$62-$174$114-$241
Nissan Altima$30-$43$74-$160$104-$203
Honda CR-V$44-$56$79-$91$123-$147
Honda Civic$44-$56$79-$91$123-$147
Honda Accord$44-$56$79-$91$123-$147
Ford Fusion$70-$89$47-$56$117-$145

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