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Every car needs to have windows. These consist of the windshield, side windows and a rear window. Some cars also have a glass panelled roof. Side windows can be fixed into position, but more often than not the window can be raised or lowered via a push button or lever that is located on the door panel.

Replacing a car window can vary in cost based on various factors, but most people can expect to pay $200 – $450 to replace a window on their vehicle.

Window Replacement Cost Comparison

Below are a list of sample costs from the leading window repair companies in the country. Costs will vary depending on the kind of car you drive and which window is being replaced.

Safelite AutoGlass

Parts & labor12 months$182 – $520

Glass Doctor

Parts & labor12 months$199 – $499


Parts & labor12 months$189 – $529

What Is the Purpose of Car Windows?

car_front_windowFirstly we will discuss the benefits of the car windshield. The windshield serves a double purpose of offering the driver and passenger’s safety and protection while driving. The driver is protected from any debris that may be swept into the car while driving, as well as protecting them from driving in adverse weather conditions.

With regards to the safety aspect, most modern car windshields are made from safety glass. This means that if the vehicle is involved in an accident and the windshield is struck, then the glass then that shatters will do so in tiny fragments, rather than into jagged shards for the safety of the driver and any passengers. The windshield is also designed in such a way as to aid with the aerodynamics of the car.

Side and rear windows also play a vital role in keeping the occupants of the car safe while in the vehicle. The rear window is also used for visibility purposes while driving.

Benefits of Car Window Replacement

The benefits include the safety of both the driver and any passengers. It is also illegal to drive with a damaged windshield that impairs visibility.

A cracked windscreen will only get worse over time if it is not repaired. This will ultimately cost you more money than having the crack itself repaired. Window replacement costs can vary depending on where you get the job done, but ultimately your safety should be the top priority.

When Should You Have Your Car Windows Replaced?

With regards to the side window, no matter what side of the car it is on, if it is damaged in any way, then they will need to be replaced and this should be done as quickly as possible.

What usually happens when the side windows are damaged is that on any impact they will simply crumble, rather than splintering into shards of glass. Therefore they will need to be replaced, as you cannot drive without a side window. If the side window cannot be replaced immediately, then the auto mechanic will insert a temporary window until the work can be carried out.

With regards to the windshield, if it only has a small crack or chip it will need to be investigated as the crack can become larger while driving. If you encounter hale or heavy rain or wind, the pressure may even be enough to shatter the glass while you are driving. Therefore it is recommended that you get the windshield checked out and replaced as soon as possible.

What Is Done During Car Window Replacement?

Below we will outline the process of replacing a side window. The replacement of the windshield should really be carried out by a professional mechanic to ensure the highest safety standards for you and your passengers.

  1. Firstly you will need to obtain a new window from a junk yard, online retailer or auto repair store. It is important that you check that the glass is suitable for the make and model of your car.
  2. You then need to remove any armrests, handles, or window cranks that are screwed into the door. These are usually easily removed with the help of a screwdriver.
  3. The next step is to remove the door panel. A flattened screwdriver is usually the best tool for this job. To remove it you need to loosen the tabs that bind the panel to the door.
  4. Once loosened you should be able to lift the door panel up and away from the door. If you have electric windows, then the motor should be connected to the track on the window, prior to the disconnection of any wires.
  5. Once this has been done you can then remove the window. It should be fairly easy to lift out. Be extra careful if the window has been shattered and be sure to carefully remove any broken pieces of glass from around the window frame.
  6. The plastic guide that came with the new window then needs to be inserted into the gap. It should snap into place. Its job is to help keep the window in the correct position within the track.
  7. The window can then be slid into the window track.
  8. If the window is electric you will then need to connect the mechanism back onto place. This will then need to be tested to ensure that the window is working properly with smooth up and down movements. If it is a manual window, you need to test the crank. The window should move smoothly with no stiffness or resistance.
  9. The door panel can then be replaced. You need to hang the top of the panel first, and then with the help of a screwdriver insert the tabs onto the bottom of the door panel, so that it can be popped correctly back into place. You then need to check that the tabs have been tightened and are secure.
  10. You can then reconnect any items that were connected to the door such as the handle and armrest.

How to Save Money on Car Window Replacement

Reflections_Car_Window_2With regards to window replacement costs and if you can save money, the only way is by shopping around for a reliable and fully qualified mechanic or auto repair shop. Any windshield replacement must be done by a fully qualified professional.

Side window replacement can be carried out on your own, but ultimately the best way to ensure safety and the best possible finish is to have the work done by a professional.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Car Window?

Replacing the windows on a car can be a highly specialised job, and costs can fluctuate based on the time involved and which window is being replaced. Simple breaks or cracks are easier to fix than a completely smashed window,  and different windows will require more time than others to replace

Ford F-Series$200 – $450
Chevrolet Silverado$200 – $450
Ford Focus$200 – $450
Toyota Camry$200 – $450
Toyota Corolla$200 – $450
Nissan Altima$200 – $450
Honda CR-V$200 – $450
Honda Civic$200 – $450
Honda Accord$200 – $450
Ford Fusion$200 – $450

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