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sThere is a friction disc between the flywheel and the clutch pressure plate called the clutch disc, and it is squeezed whenever the clutch is engaged. When that happens, the engine power is sent to the manual transmission. Your car’s clutch disc is made from materials that are identical to brake pads, and over time they will wear out and need replacement.

To have the clutch disc replaced, you will pay between $1,000 and $1,300, on average. The labor should cost you between $450 and $600, while parts will run between $550 and $700. Prices vary based on the kind of vehicle you have and the rates the mechanic charges for service.

Clutch Disc Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$845-$1499



Parts & Labour12 months$820-$1452


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$848-$1425



Parts & Labour24 months$899-$1378








What Is a Clutch Disc Replacement?

This complex replacement job requires a lot of work and complete removal of the transmission. A lot of parts may need to be examined, taken out, repaired or replaced, as a damaged clutch disc can often mean a host of other problems related to it. How much repairs need to be affected will depend on the kind of car you have and the severity of the damage.

Benefits of Clutch Disc Replacement

Since your car isn’t likely to work when the clutch disc fails, you’ll benefit from a working vehicle once you get it replaced. Of course, there may be some early warning signs of failure before your vehicle outright quits on you, and you can prevent some damage to your vehicle and further repairs by having it replaced as soon as possible. You will also prevent yourself from being stranded somewhere and in need of a tow if you deal with this problem quickly and decisively.

What Is Done during Clutch Disc Replacement?

The technician is going to have to take out the transmission to get to the clutch disc. He will also have to remove some parts from the engine, including the clutch, pressure plate and release bearing. The technician will have to rule out any other problems that may be causing the issue as he examines the clutch disc. The crankshaft pilot bearing will have to be removed, and the flywheel may have to be taken off for resurfacing.

The new parts will then be installed, and the engine parts and transmission will be replaced. Then the technician will check the car’s operation to make sure everything is in good working order.

When to Get Clutch Disc Replacement

You probably won’t be able to drive with a broken clutch disc. If the disc isn’t operating as it should, the vehicle probably won’t produce enough torque to move. So, you should not have to worry about driving the vehicle once the disc has failed. The most obvious sign that you need to replace the clutch disc will be that the car won’t be able to move forward due to a lack of torque. If the clutch disc is starting to fail, then the car may stutter, or the clutch may be hard to use. Your engine may still be able to rev, but it will have trouble moving or won’t be able to move at all.

You’ll need to get this problem fixed right away, as it will be impossible or at least very difficult to operate the car with this problem. If your vehicle hasn’t had a clutch disc replaced in a while, then you may want to have it looked at every six months or so in older vehicles. Catching the problem early may not save you money on repairs, but it can prevent you from being stuck where you last parked your vehicle.

How to Save Money on Clutch Disc Replacement

While you may like to repair problems with your car on your own for its own reward and to save money, this is one repair you probably won’t be able to do yourself. It requires that the transmission is taken out, which takes a lot of skill and tools that most people don’t have. It can also be tough to diagnose the issue if you are not very experienced, and it’s easy to miss the cause of your issue entirely.

You’re better off having a professional do the repair for you, and since this a pretty expensive repair, you can often save money by comparing rates among providers. Perform some price comparisons on mechanics in your area and see who is offering the best deal on clutch disc replacement.

Samples Clutch Disc Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$563-$711$469-$616$1032-$1327
Chevrolet Silverado$704-$888$383-$503$1087-$1391
Ford Focus$563-$711$469-$616$1032-$1327
Toyota Camry$651-$822$447-$602$1098-$1424
Toyota Corolla$545-$689$293-$504$838-$1193
Nissan Altima$448-$567$352-$628$800-$1195
Honda CR-V$704-$888$383-$503$1087-$1391
Honda Civic$334-$422$183-$378$517-$800
Honda Accord$633-$800$322-$382$955-$1182
Ford Fusion$466-$589$392-$468$858-$1057

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