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The clutch fan is responsible for controlling the speeds of the cooling fan on the radiator. As the engine gets hotter, the cooling fan has to blow more rapidly, and when the clutch fan stops working as it should, the radiator and engine can overheat.

For a clutch fan replacement, you will pay between $140 and $400, depending on the kind of car you own. The labor should cost you $70 to $130, while the parts can start at $75 and go up to nearly $300.

Clutch Fan Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$480-$692



Parts & Labour12 months$515-$789


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$504-$766



Parts & Labour24 months$485-$671








What Is Clutch Fan Replacement?

This isn’t a complicated or involved repair, but it can become more in-depth if you allowed the problem to continue unaddressed for a while. You might be faced with a lot of repairs or a damaged engine if you did not replace the fan as soon as you noticed a problem. In most cases, however, only the fan will need to be replaced, and the entire procedure should be done in a matter of hours.

Benefits of Clutch Fan Replacement

Once you have the clutch fan replaced, your car is going to run a lot better. It won’t be prone to overheating if the clutch fan was the problem, and it should get rid of a lot of noise created by the broken fan. You will also prevent further damage to your car by taking care of this problem early.

What Is Done during a Clutch Fan Replacement?

To access the fan, the fan shroud will have to be taken off. This is a slightly different procedure for different cars, and the labor costs can increase here if it is a complicated job. Then, the broken fan is taken out, and the new fan is put in. The fan shroud will then be placed back over the fan and the car tested to ensure everything is working properly. The mechanic will have to check to see if there is anything else causing overheating or other problems that are usually associated with a broken clutch fan.

When to Get a Clutch Fan Replacement

You need to take care of this problem as soon as you notice it. If the engine overheats, then your car can become seriously damaged and even shut down on you. The sooner you have the problem looked at, the less damage you will have to deal with.

Looks for signs of overheating, such as the temperature gauge rising rapidly after you turn on the vehicle. You can also listen for clattering, scraping or vibrating noises when you start the car and when it is running. These can all be signs that your clutch fan needs replacement.

How to Save Money on a Clutch Fan Replacement

If you are looking to cut your costs on clutch fan replacement, then you can do so by doing the work yourself. In most cars, this is a fairly simple procedure, and you should be able to do it without a lot of trouble. You just want to make sure that you diagnose the problem correctly and replace all the parts that need replacement. It may be a good idea to have a mechanic look over your work after you are done.

Since this can be a costly replacement job, you may be able to save some money by comparing the rates of a few different mechanics in your area. Be sure to compare the cost of both labor and parts, as you may be able to save on one or the other by doing some searching.

Sample Clutch Fan Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$290-$310$190-$382$480-$692
Chevrolet Silverado$368-$445$245-$345$613-$790
Ford Focus$290-$310$190-$382$480-$692
Toyota Camry$313-$408$203-$360$516-$768
Toyota Corolla$313-$408$203-$360$516-$768
Nissan Altima$289-$300$183-$378$472-$678
Honda CR-V$334-$422$237-$323$571-$765
Honda Civic$334-$422$237-$323$571-$765
Honda Accord$334-$422$237-$323$571-$765
Ford Fusion$290-$310$190-$382$480-$692


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