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The pressure plate is part of the clutch, and it can throw off the entire clutch if it fails. Expect to pay $90-$400 for the replacement of all clutch parts that tend to go out at once, including the pressure plate, the throwout bearing, and the clutch disc. Most cars will be on the low side of that, but some of the higher end cars will cost you several hundred dollars for parts and labor. You are mostly paying for parts here, but the labor costs may not be very low since a lot of parts have to be removed to get to the pressure plate.

Clutch Pressure Plate Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$589-$815



Parts & Labour12 months$611-$799


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$622-$814



Parts & Labour24 months$609-$826








What Is Clutch Pressure Plate Replacement?

While replacing the clutch is a relatively simple process, there are a lot of parts that could be affected. If the clutch goes, then you can be pretty sure the pressure plate will go as well, along with a few other parts. It’s best to have them all replaced at the same time so that you don’t have any more problems out of it for a while.

Benefits of Clutch Pressure Plate Replacement

Having the clutch pressure plate and other related parts replaced is essential to making sure your cars runs correctly. Without the clutch and its components, your car will lose torque and not be able to run properly. You may be able to start it up, but you are unlikely to be able to accelerate.

The pressure plate is part of a larger system, so if it goes, then the entire clutch will not work as it should. Replacing that plate means that you will be protecting not only the rest of the clutch system but also your entire car.

What Is Done during Clutch Pressure Plate Replacement?

The clutch pressure plate is tucked under the transmission, and the entire transmission needs to be taken out to get to it. The mechanic will also need to remove the drive shaft and any related parts of the clutch that have been affected. The old, damaged parts will need to be taken out and new ones put in. Then the mechanic will replace all the parts he took out and test out the car to see how it is working.

Taking out the transmission is a big job, and it’s one that can take a long time, depending on the car involved. Be prepared for a long wait on this one.

When to Get Clutch Pressure Plate Replacement

As soon as you notice that there is a problem with the clutch pressure plate or any part of the clutch, you need to have the problem looked at. Bad clutch parts can mean that your entire car will stop moving or just operate very poorly, and you need to take care of this issue right away.

You can look out for signs that your clutch pressure plate is failing, such as the car failing to accelerate or stuttering when it is started. The car may also make odd noises, like clattering or scraping sounds, if the clutch pressure plate is not working as it should.

How to Save Money on Clutch Pressure Plate Replacement

You may be tempted to do a repair job like this on your own, but if you have to remove the transmission, then that can become a long and involved process that you may lack the tools for. You may be better off trying to save money a different way. We suggest comparing the prices among the mechanics near you to see who has the best rates. Not all of them are going to charge you the same for parts and service, so take time to compare them to get the best deal.

Sample Clutch Pressure Plate Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$290-$310$385-$400$675-$710
Chevrolet Silverado$334-$422$383-$410$717-$832
Ford Focus$290-$310$385-$400$675-$710
Toyota Camry$313-$408$286-$310$599-$718
Toyota Corolla$313-$408$286-$310$599-$718
Nissan Altima$289-$300$293-$310$582-$610
Honda CR-V$330-$415$350-$390$680-$805
Honda Civic$330-$415$350-$390$680-$805
Honda Accord$330-$415$350-$390$680-$805
Ford Fusion$290-$310$385-$400$675-$710

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