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The clutch release is an essential part of the clutch in your car. It is also called the throw-out bearing, and it spins in tandem with the pressure plate when the clutch is pushed down. It allows for a smooth cooperation of the clutch and went it goes, you’ll have to get it replaced.

Unfortunately, this small bearing is likely part of a larger problem, and you will probably have to have the entire clutch replaced. That can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars, depending on the issue and how many parts have to be replaced. In most cases, it will cost between $1,000 and $1,300, but if you are only replacing a couple of small parts, you may pay under $100 for parts and under $300 for labor.

Clutch Release Bearing Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$875-$1460



Parts & Labour12 months$919-$1479


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$899-$1450



Parts & Labour24 months$905-$14327








What Is Clutch Release Bearing Replacement?

The clutch release bearing works with the other parts of the clutch, so when one goes, usually they all go or they can all benefit from being replaced. It’s going to save you from a lot of problems later on if you just have everything changed out at once, and that is going to take a while the mechanic needs to take out the transmission get to the clutch, and that usually means several hours of work.

Benefits of Clutch Release Bearing Replacement

By having this bearing replaced, along with any other parts that need replacing, you will have a car that runs a lot smoother. You won’t hear some of the knocking or scraping noises that are usually associated with a broken clutch, and your car will begin running again if it was not since this issue occurred. You see, if the clutch isn’t operating properly, then your vehicle may have trouble starting or accelerating, and getting that fixed gives you your vehicle back and prevents you from being stranded somewhere you when are driving.

What Is Done during Clutch Release Bearing Replacement?

So, to get at the clutch and its various parts, the mechanic will need to remove the transmission. That’s a lot of work for one small part, and because of the cost of labor, we suggest having the entire clutch replaced at this point because you will probably have to get it done shortly after that anyway.

The mechanic will also need to take apart the clutch and replace any worn or broken parts. He will then replace the clutch and the transmission.

Finally, the mechanic will run the car and test it to see how it operates. All of this is going to take a while because it is important to properly diagnose the issue since several parts of the car can cause similar problems.

When to Get Clutch Release Bearing Replacement

If you notice any signs of a failed clutch or clutch release bearing, you need to have it looked at immediately. In the early stages, you may just hear some odd noises from the car. It may make clattering, banging or scraping noises, and it could stutter or vibrate when you start it up and run it. But once the clutch and its various parts start to fail, then the vehicle may turn on and rev but not be able to accelerate.

The clutch will fail eventually fail in any vehicle, and it is a good idea to have it checked every year. You will want to get it taken care of as soon as you notice the problem to prevent further damage and to ensure that your car can continue to run properly.

How to Save Money on Clutch Release Bearing Replacement

A lot of people try to fix car problems on their own to save money, but that may not be an option here. Removing the transmission is something just anyone can do, and you also have to be careful about wrongfully diagnosing the issue. This is the kind of repair job that is best left up to the professionals.

If you are looking for ways to save money, then your best option is to compare prices among the different mechanics around you. You may find some very low prices on parts or labor if you do some looking.

Sample Clutch Release Bearing Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$563-$711$469-$616$1032-$1327
Chevrolet Silverado$704-$888$383-$503$1087-$1391
Ford Focus$563-$711$469-$616$1032-$1327
Toyota Camry$651-$822$447-$602$1098-$1424
Toyota Corolla$545-$689$293-$504$838-$1193
Nissan Altima$448-$567$352-$628$800-$1195
Honda CR-V$704-$888$383-$503$1087-$1391
Honda Civic$334-$422$183-$378$517-$800
Honda Accord$633-$800$322-$382$955-$1182
Ford Fusion$466-$589$392-$468$858-$1057

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