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The clutch slave cylinder is attached to the clutch by a series of hoses, and it holds the brake fluid. When the brake pedal is pushed, the slave cylinder releases brake fluid. If that cylinder starts to fail, your car will need to have repairs, and they can be quite expensive, depending on the kind of car you have.

On the low end, you’ll pay about $130 for a clutch slave cylinder replacement. The high end is about a thousand dollars more. The huge range of costs is based on the kind of car you have and the labor involved in changing out the parts. Those parts start at $50 and go up to $300, but labor can range between $70 and $550.

Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$110-$344



Parts & Labour12 months$119-$303


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$124-$329



Parts & Labour24 months$140-$319







What Is Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement?

The slave cylinder is connected to the master cylinder, and if one is failing, then the other probably isn’t far behind. It’s recommended that you replace them both at the same time. Most repairs to any part of the clutch system involve multiple parts being replaced, so be sure to have your mechanic look over the entire clutch to see if other parts need to be taken out.

In some cases, this is a pretty quick procedure, but in other cases, depending on the type of car you have, it can take hours. You should call ahead to the mechanic so that you know what to expect when you get there.

Benefits of Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement

If you get the clutch slave cyclone replaced, then you can be back on the road in a car that is reliable and drivable. You can’t do much once the clutch slave cylinder goes out on you. If it is weakened and not yet completely busted, then you can still drive, but you will just be waiting for the hammer to drop and our car to stop being able to change gears. The sooner you get this problem fixed, the sooner you can have peace of mind about your vehicle and the effects of a busted slave cylinder.

What Is Done during Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement?

The mechanic will need to inspect the clutch cylinder first of all. He will have to determine the extent of the damage and how many parts need to be replaced. He will also look the brake fluid, determine if it is leaking and what condition it is in. The mechanic will also examine the clutch pedal to assess how the clutch is working.

He will then have to take out the clutch slave cylinder and the master cylinder and bleed out the air in the master cylinder. Once that is done, he can replace the parts and test the car out.

When to Get a Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement

This is the kind of repair that you won’t have much choice about getting done as soon as it occurs. You could just stop driving your car, once the clutch slave cylinder goes out, as you certainly won’t be driving anywhere.

The first signs that the cylinder is failing would be that the clutch pedal falls to the floor. You may also notice some leaking around the clutch pedal. It may be leaking brake fluid. You might also have trouble changing the gears.

Just be sure to get this problem taken care of as soon as you know about it.

How to Save Money on Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement

In some cases, you can save money by doing the replacement yourself. In many cars, it’s a fairly simple procedure that only takes an hour or so. In some cars, however, it is a very complicated and time-consuming procedure, and most people won’t be able to handle it without a mechanic shop and a skilled mechanic at their disposal. If you are in for lengthy, complicated repairs, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals.

You can save money by getting the best price for the replacement job. Just ask around and see who is offering the lowest rate for this work.

Sample Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$51-$87$114-$145$165-$232
Chevrolet Silverado$51-$87$114-$145$165-$232
Ford Focus$51-$87$114-$145$165-$232
Toyota Camry$126-$161$81-$189$207-$350
Toyota Corolla$126-$161$66-$103$192-$264
Nissan Altima$51-$87$114-$145$165-$232
Honda CR-V$63-$80$48-$71$111-$151
Honda Civic$63-$80$48-$71$111-$151
Honda Accord$63-$80$70-$78$133-$158
Ford Fusion$72-$92$102-$148$174-$240

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