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Your car relies on the coolant sensor to tell it if the coolant is getting too hot, and it relays that information to you on the temperature gauge inside your car. Coolant is necessary to keep the engine from overheating during combustion, so when that sensor breaks down, the car won’t know when to provide coolant to keep the engine at the right temperature.

To have this sensor replaced, you will pay somewhere between $95 and $140, depending both on the car you have and the mechanic’s fees. The labor should cost between $60 and $80, while parts can cost as little as $35 or as much as $65.

Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$89-$272



Parts & Labour12 months$96-$299


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$87-$286



Parts & Labour24 months$79-$289








What Is Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement?

This fairly simple procedure should not take long, and it often just requires replacement of the sensor itself. However, if the sensor has been malfunctioning for a long period of time, then other parts of the car may be damaged. The mechanic will look for signs of corrosion or melting which may be caused by coolant that is overheating.

Benefits of Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement

By getting this issue fixed right away, you can preserve your car and particularly the engine and its various parts. The temperature sensor is crucial for protecting the engine from overheating, so making sure that sensor is in good working order is the best way to tell if your engine is overheating. It helps you diagnose engine problems without actually having to look under the hood or know a lot about cars. It’s definitely in your best interests to have that sensor working perfectly.

What Is Done during Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement?

Your mechanic will need to diagnose the problem, first of all. He needs to make sure that the sensor is the faulty part and the only malfunctioning part before beginning repairs.

Then, he has to disconnect the electrical connector from the sensor. From there, he can take out the sensor, which he may bench test to see exactly what the problem is. A sealant may need to be applied to the new sensor, on its thread, to hold it in place. If the cooling system requires changing out, the mechanic will empty it, bleed the air and replace with new coolant. Then he will test the new sensor to ensure it is working properly.

If damage has occurred to the car because the sensor was malfunctioning for a long time, then the mechanic may need to do more repairs.

When to Get Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement

This is one issue that you can’t get fixed right away. While you can technically drive the car just fine without the sensor working, your car will likely overheat before long, particularly if you drive for long periods at a time. To be safe, you should have the car towed to a mechanic or have the mechaniccome visit you.

Look for signs of sensor trouble like your temperature gauge not moving, engine trouble, overheating and odd noises from the engine. Your vehicle may also run roughly, smell funny or simply not operate like normal when the sensor is failing.

It’s not uncommon for this sensor to fail, and if you want to protect yourself against the effects of its failure, you can have it checked after the 1000,000-mile mark and every 50,000 miles after that.

How to Save on Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement

If you know for sure that the sensor is the issue, then you can replace it without much trouble. It’s a simple enough procedure, but the real problem with trying to save money by doing the work on your own is that there is a chance that you will miss some other important factors that are damaging your car or that you will misdiagnose the problem. If you are not very experienced in car repairs, it’s a good idea to have someone else look over your work after you are done.

You can also save money buy sourcing the sensor yourself or comparing labor costs from one mechanic to another.

Sample Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$144-$184$35-$88$179-$272
Chevrolet Silverado$81-$103$31-$69$112-$172
Ford Focus$144-$184$35-$88$179-$272
Toyota Camry$144-$184$35-$88$179-$272
Toyota Corolla$81-$103$38-$66$119-$169
Nissan Altima$61-$78$35-$63$96-$141
Honda CR-V$54-$69$26-$54$80-$123
Honda Civic$72-$92$36-$41$108-$133
Honda Accord$72-$92$37-$49$109-$141
Ford Fusion$144-$184$35-$88$179-$272

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