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The engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) identifies how hot or cold the coolant in the engine is. When it’s too hot, it sends signals to the coolant fans to lower the temperature. If the sensor is no longer working, then those signals will never be sent out. Your car could be at risk for damage at that point if you keep driving it.

To replace the ECT sensor, you are going to pay, on average, $95-$140. How much you pay depends on the type of car you own and where you go for servicing. Each mechanic has their own rates, and they may be getting their parts from a variety of vendors, which can change how much the parts cost you. The labor should range between $60 and $80, while parts should run about $35-$65.

ECT Sensor Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$85-$156



Parts & Labour12 months$89-$147


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$92-$155



Parts & Labour24 months$87-$169








What Is ECT Sensor Replacement?

Replacing the ECT sensor is typically a quick and easy job. If the problem has been there for a while, though, then there may be other parts of the car that need to be repaired or replaced. The labor time and costs should be about the same on most cars, as the sensor is fairly accessible in the majority of cars.

Benefits of ECT Sensor Replacement

There are a number of advantages to having your ECT sensor replaced. While the sensor is malfunctioning, it can send inaccurate information to the car, causing the engine to receive overheated fluid and making the car work extra hard. By getting this issue fixed, you will be protecting your car from overheating and the damage that can do. You will be protecting yourself against future repairs, and you will enjoy a smoother, more efficient ride. Your car will burn less gas and use the fuel it has more efficiently.

What Is Done during ECT Sensor Replacement?

The mechanic will examine the sensor and perhaps even bench test it after removing it to see what’s wrong with it. To remove the sensor, the mechanic will have to disconnect the electrical wires and pull it out. To replace it with a new sensor, he will connect the electrical wires to the new part, possibly put some sealant in there to keep it in place and then test out the new sensor to see how well it works.

When to Get ECT Sensor Replacement

The most common indicator that the ECT sensor has failed is that the check engine light indicator will be on. However, it may not come on when the sensor fails, or you may notice other signs of a failed sensor. You should pay attention to how much gas you are burning and how fuel efficient your car is. If that has changed recently, then your sensor could be at fault.

You should also look for signs of engine overheating, such as a very high-temperature gauge, smoke coming out of your car or odd noises from your engine.

This is a problem you will want to have fixed as soon as you can. You can still drive while the sensor has failed, but it’s not wise to do so. Your car could easily overheat, and you could be damaging it without even realizing it. It’s best to have the sensor repaired as soon as you realize it is a problem for you.

How to Save Money on ECT Sensor Replacement

This is one repair job you could definitely do yourself in order to save some money. It’s fairly simple, but if you aren’t sure what you are doing, you may want to have a mechanic look over the finished work.

You can also compare rate son labor from different mechanics and even source the parts for yourself if you are looking for other ways to save money while taking your car to a professional.

Sample ECT Sensor Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$65-$80$41-$66$106-$146
Chevrolet Silverado$72-$86$46-$72$118-158
Ford Focus$65-$80$41-$66$106-$146
Toyota Camry$61-$78$35-$63$96-$141
Toyota Corolla$61-$78$35-$63$96-$141
Nissan Altima$58-$75$30-$59$88-$134
Honda CR-V$72-$86$46-$72$118-158
Honda Civic$72-$86$46-$72$118-158
Honda Accord$72-$86$46-$72$118-158
Ford Fusion$65-$80$41-$66$106-$146

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