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The EGR (engine gas recirculation) cooler is responsible for cooling down exhaust gases and recirculating them into the engine to allow for safe combustion. This helps your car save gas and reuse that gas in a safe manner. This cooler can break down over time or if the car has been in an accident.

To have it replaced, you will pay anywhere from $650 to nearly $1600. The average price is closer to $1,100, but what you pay will depend on the car you have and how much the parts and labor cost for that car. On average, the labor will run you about $440, but it could be a few hundred dollars more. The parts should be about $430 to $930.

EGR Cooler Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$133-$418



Parts & Labour12 months$139-$440


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$146-$405



Parts & Labour24 months$127-$468








What Is EGR Cooler Replacement?

Replacing the EGR cooler is simple but time-consuming, and the parts are often very expensive. How much you pay depends on the kind of car you have and how much damage has been caused. The prices quoted above are for repair jobs that only involve the cooler. But if you have been driving your car with a damaged cooler for a while, then you can expect to pay a lot more than what we have quoted you.

Benefits of EGR Cooler Replacement

Once you get your EGR cooler fixed, your car is going to run so much better. It won’t be as likely to overheat or damage engine parts when you drive it. It should also have much better fuel economy, saving you money on gas and ensuring you don’t have to stop as often for refueling. You will also have a much more reliable car, as an EGR cooler that’s damaged can cause all sorts of problems that you may not be able to predict. The sooner you get this issue taken care of, the better.

What Is Done during EGR Cooler Replacement?

Your mechanic has to check the cooler and all nearby parts for signs of damage. In many cases, there is surrounding damage, such as corrosion from overheating, since damaged coolers can cause high engine temperatures.

Once the mechanic has determined the scope of the problem and decides that the EGR cooler needs replacing, he will drain out the coolant. Then the hose clamps and bolts connected to the cooler will need to be loosened and unfastened. Next, the cooler will be removed, and the gasket surfaces will be cleaned. The gaskets and cooler will be replaced with new ones, and the bolts and hose clamps will be tightened.

Once everything is back in place, the mechanic will road test the vehicle and see how it performs.

When to Get EGR Cooler Replacement

There are a number of reasons why the cooler may not work properly. There could be some carbon buildup and everything else about it could be fine. Or it could have been damaged or corroded over time. The signs you should look for in a malfunctioning cooler include poor gas mileage, an overworked cooling system, a change in exhaust smell or thickness or a less efficient engine.

You need to get this problem fixed as soon as you notice. If you don’t, you can end up with damaged engine parts due to overheating. These can be expensive to repair and make it difficult to drive the vehicle. The sooner you get the problem fixed, the less damage you will have to deal with.

How to Save Money on EGR Cooler Replacement

This repair job isn’t very complicated, so if you want to complete it on your own, then it’s a good job for DIYers. You can save quite a bit of money by doing the work yourself, but itdefinitely helps if you know what you are doing. We recommend having a professional look everything over once you are done, just to be safe.

You can also compare the costs of different mechanics in your area. You may find that some are charging a lot less than others for labor and parts.

Another way to save money is to source parts on your own. If you can find gently used or even new parts for cheaper than what your mechanic charges, you may be able to cut some costs on this expensive repair.

Sample EGR Cooler Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$44-$56$93-$196$137-$252
Chevrolet Silverado$44-$56$188-$306$232-$362
Ford Focus$61-$78$74-$152$135-$230
Toyota Camry$61-$78$257-$297$318-$375
Toyota Corolla$79-$100$170-$228$249-$328
Nissan Altima$35-$45$170-$285$205-$330
Honda CR-V$44-$56$122-$362$166-$418
Honda Civic$44-$56$122-$362$166-$418
Honda Accord$44-$56$169-$202$213-$258
Ford Fusion$96-$123$74-$188$170-$311

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