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Between the catalytic converter and the engine cylinder is the exhaust manifold. Its job is to take in exhaust gas as it is exiting the cylinder head. This happens every time the engine is running, and the manifold exhaust saves you on gas and reduces your vehicle’s emissions. After a while, the manifold may start to deteriorate, since it has to deal with high temperatures every time you drive it. It’s not a matter of if it will fail on you but when.

Your exhaust manifold repair will cost you between $570 and $900, with labor taking up $400-$550 of that, and parts running between $130 and $340.

Exhaust Manifold Repair Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$354-$1099



Parts & Labour12 months$349-$1146


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$369-$1011



Parts & Labour24 months$375-$1178








What Is Exhaust Manifold Repair?

Manifold repair may be necessary if you have been driving the vehicle for a while or have been driving it roughly. Typically, just the manifold exhaust will need to be repaired or replaced. However, if the problem has been there a while and you didn’t take care of it, then you can end up with a lot of other repairs to consider. As the manifold leaks or is damaged, it can cause vapors to come out and damage other parts of the car, making them brittle and overheating them to the point of failure.

The prices range considerably from one car to the next, and what we have provided is simply an average. If you are concerned about the cost, be sure to ask for an estimate before permitting the mechanic to do any work.

Benefits of Exhaust Manifold Repair

Getting this repair done means that you will save on gas costs, and your vehicle will be more fuel efficient. It also means that you will protect your vehicle from further damage. The sooner you get your exhaust manifold fixed, the less you will be paying in future repairs for your vehicle.

What Is Done during Exhaust Manifold Repair?

The manifold is easily accessible, so the mechanic can get right to removing it, once the problem is diagnosed. The gasket will need to be removed, and the entire mating surface will have to be cleaned. In some cases, the manufacturer may require that the gasket is held in place with sealant, but if that is not the case, the gasket will be fixed to exhaust studs.

The new manifold simply slides onto the gasket, and the mechanic will then torque the fasteners for it until they meet manufacturer standards.

When to Get Exhaust Manifold Repair

This is the kind of repair that you should have done as soon as you realize there is a problem. While you can still drive your vehicle when the manifold is having trouble, it may prove difficult, and you can end up damaging your car. It’s best to get repairs done as soon as you realize there is a problem

The signs to look for that tell you that your manifold needs replacing is high operating temperatures and brittle-looking parts. If you look at the manifold and it looks like it is starting to crack or otherwise come apart, it’s time to change it out. You may also hear clanking sounds when driving, as something could have come loose on the manifold.

How to Save Money on Exhaust Manifold Repair

If you want to do the job yourself and save some money on repairs, then you should only do so if you have caught the problem early. At the later stages of manifold exhaust failure, the damage will be too severe for most people to handle at home. You also need not be able to correctly diagnose the problem, as replacing the wrong thing can cause you some serious problems.

You may be better off just comparing prices to get the best deal. You can compare labor and parts from mechanics and suppliers in your area to save some money and still get the repair done.

Sample Exhaust Manifold Repair Costs

Ford F-Series$270-$344$204-$343$474-$687
Chevrolet Silverado$440-$555$133-$338$573-$893
Ford Focus$270-$344$204-$343$474-$687
Toyota Camry$117-$149$325-$750$442-$899
Toyota Corolla$135-$172$217-$411$352-$583
Nissan Altima$144-$184$214-$282$358-$466
Honda CR-V$144-$184$274-$354$418-$538
Honda Civic$270-$344$583-$851$853-$1195
Honda Accord$90-$115$259-$472$349-$587
Ford Fusion$270-$344$204-$343$474-$687

Exhaust Manifold Costs Submitted By Our Users

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