Ford Motor Company has issued a recall on over 591,000 vehicles in North America with issues ranging from faulty engine attachment bolts to parking lights that are far too bright. These recalls can be serviced by local dealers to correct the dangerous issues at the cost of the manufacturer. If you drive a Lincoln MKZ, Ford Fusion or F-150 then you may be impacted by this recall.

These are all safety concerns so make sure to check with your local dealership to see if your vehicle is impacted by this news. You can provide your VIN to them and they will be able to make a quick check in the system o let you know if anything needs to be taken care of. Keep in mind, since this is a recall there will be not cost to you as long as you visit the dealership within the specified times to have the problem corrected.

Steering Gear Attachment Bolts

520,000 units have been recalled due to an issue related to the steering gear attachment bolts which have been tested to show signs of fracturing from corrosion. This would prevent the assisted power steering system from working making it very difficult to turn the vehicle, especially at lower speeds. This poses a risk for increased collisions due to not being able to properly control the automobiles.

Vehicles Impacted

  • 2013 – 2015 Ford Fursion
  • 2013 – 2015 Lincoln MKZ
  • 2015 Ford Edge
  • 487,301 vehicles in the United States
  • 31,013 vehicles in Canada

Ford dealerships are prepared to replace and seal the bolts properly to prevent any corrosion which will reduce the probability for the bolts to fracture.

Bright Parking Lights

22,600 Lincoln MKZ vehicles have been recalled due to an issue that causes the parking lights for the car to be far too bright. This poses a threat to other drivers on the road that might become confused by the bright lights of a parked car, or have their vision impacted by this.

Vehicles Impacted

  • 2014 – 2015 Lincoln MKZ

Ford and Lincoln dealerships will be able to adjust the control system which sets the brightness of the lights. This is a quick fix in the computer system which will reduce the brightness of the parking lights and make the roads safer for everyone.

Underbody Heat Shield Installation

100 Ford F-150 trucks have been recalled due to an issue found with a heat shield located underneath the vehicle. It has been realized that these heat shields were either improperly installed or not installed at all. A missing or malfunctioning heat shield increases the risk of a car fire and is a serious concern.

Vehicles Impacted

  • 2015 Ford F-150

Ford dealerships will be able to repair the installation or install a new heat shield if required at no cost to the customers.

There are many vehicle recalls from every automobiles manufacturer for circumstances sometimes outside of their control. Although it is annoying and a bit scary that your vehicle might have an issue, it is generally easy and free to have the problem resolved. Make sure to stop into your dealership every once in a while to have them run a check on your vehicles VIN to cross reference all recalls. They will be able to locate any issues within a matter of seconds thanks to technology installed at every dealer location. So the next time you need a tune up head on over to the dealer so they can check on everything else for you.