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The wheel bearings on your vehicle assist in steering, helping the vehicle to control better. Once they start to wear down or become damaged, they may make a lot of noise, and that will just get louder and louder until you replace them.

You will pay about $400, on average, for front wheel bearing replacement. The labor will be anywhere from $140-$180, while parts may cost as little as $200 or as much as $400.The difference in prices is due to the cost of parts for more expensive cars as well as the various fees that individual mechanics charge.

Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$402-$1132



Parts & Labour12 months$440-$1023


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$426-$1168



Parts & Labour24 months$489-$1263







What Is Front Wheel Bearing Replacement?

You may only need to replace one wheel bearing at a time. Just because even failed, that doesn’t mean the others are due for replacement. The labor costs will go higher and higher for each consecutive wheel bearing, so make sure you aren’t having some that are in good condition replaced just because one failed you. They won’t all necessarily go out at the same time.

Benefits of Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

Replacing your wheel bearings means that your car is going to steer and control better. You will have a smoother ride and also be less likely to experience traffic accidents due to faulty handling.

What is Done during Front Wheel Bearing Replacement?

The machine will have to move a lot of things out of the way to get to the wheel bearings. Even a single wheel bearing takes a lot of work to replace. Modern wheel bearings, for the most part, are sealed in the wheel bearing hub. That means extra work to get them out. So, if you had a previous model that was easy to change out the wheel bearings on, that doesn’t mean your current model will be just as easy.

Once the old wheel bearing is out, the new one can simply be put in its place. Then the mechanic has to put back all the parts of the car they had to move out of the place to get to the wheel bearing.

The mechanic will want to test the vehicle out after putting in the wheel bearing to ensure that the noise is gone and that your vehicle works like it is supposed to.

When to Get Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

Your wheel bearings will likely make a rumbling noise whenever you turn or exceed about 15 miles per hour. You can tell they need replacement if you examine them and they appear to be worn, damaged, lose or leaking.

Just because your wheel bearings are making noise or your tires are making odd sounds, that doesn’t mean that your wheel bearings are due for replacement.

Your wheel bearings will wear out over time after excessive exposure to heat and water. So, if you live in very humid, very hot or wet environments, then your wheel bearings are bound to give you trouble more frequently. If you live in a place that tends toward extreme weather conditions, be sure your mechanic is checking your wheel bearings when they’re servicing your vehicle.

How to Save Money on Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

You want to be careful about trying to do this repair yourself. It’s easy to misdiagnose the issue as wheel bearings when you see uneven wear on the tires or hear noises from your tires while driving. If you aren’t 100% sure what the issue is, then let an expert mechanic handle it for you.

You can save money in other ways, like comparing rates for mechanic labor or sourcing some of the parts yourself. There will be times where you can save considerable money by simply comparing prices to find the best deal.

Sample Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$162-$207$240-$538$402-$745
Chevrolet Silverado$216-$275$634-$1212$850-$1487
Ford Focus$360-$459$264-$420$624-$879
Toyota Camry$252-$321$150-$230$402-$551
Toyota Corolla$486-$620$134-$242$620-$862
Nissan Altima$315-$402$290-$408$605-$810
Honda CR-V$234-$298$378-$430$612-$728
Honda Civic$234-$298$180-$274$414-$572
Honda Accord$315-$402$224-$336$539-$738
Ford Fusion$252-$321$184-$256$436-$577

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