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Your engine needs different amounts of fuel for each engine cycle, so as fuel enters the engine, fuel injectors ensure that the right amount goes into each cycle. The injector works on the same principle as a spray bottle, but it is controlled electronically and automatically. Once the fuel injector breaks down or begins to malfunction, you’ll need to get it replaced, and we want to show you what to expect from that process.

You should pay somewhere between $250 and $350 to have the fuel injector replaced. While parts should cost between $140 and $190, labor will run you $120-$160.

Fuel Injector Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$193-$415



Parts & Labour12 months$206-$437


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$215-$515



Parts & Labour24 months$231-$502








What Is Fuel Injector Replacement?

Generally, the fuel injectors will only need to be replaced when there is a problem with them. You should not have a lot of other parts to pay for repairs or replacements on. You do need to be aware of the vast difference in labor costs between vehicles, though. Just because one vehicle had a quick fuel injector replacement process, that doesn’t mean another one will. It all depends on the kind of manifold your car has when figuring labor costs and time.

Benefits of Fuel Injector Replacement

If you get this issue fixed, then your car will be much more reliable. It should not stall out or have trouble accelerating anymore. It will also enjoy better gas mileage, so you’ll be getting more for your money. You will also be protecting your engine and other internal car parts, as fixing the fuel injectors can prevent overheating.

What Is Done during Fuel Injector Replacement?

A lot of time, the manifold will need to be taken out to get to the fuel injector. This is a time-consuming job and takes up much of the fuel injector replacement process. If your vehicle has a plastic manifold, then the mechanic won’t do as much work, and you can save quite a bit on labor costs.

Once the mechanic can get to the fuel injector, he will disconnect it from the fuel rail and electronic connectors. Then he can install the new fuel injector and reconnect the fuel rail and electric wires.

When to Get Fuel Injector Replacement

You really should not drive when the fuel injector starts to fail. You will probably have to deal with a car that stalls out every so often and may not even operate. These are just a few of the more obvious signs that your fuel injector is failing. Less obvious signs would be poor fuel economy and occasional overheating.

Three fuel injectors will fail over time, so after 100,000 miles, it’s a good idea to have them examined, if not replaced, just to be safe. Make sure your mechanic is checking the fuel injectors when your car is being maintained.

How to Save Money on Fuel Injector Replacement

In most cases, we suggest leaving this replacement job to professionals. So, if you hope to save some money by doing the work yourself, we would advise against it, unless you are experienced at car repairs and know what you are doing.

You can shave off some cost, in some instances, by comparing the costs of some of the mechanics near you. You may also be able to source some of the parts on your own and find them for cheaper than what the mechanic is charging.

Sample Fuel Injector Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$126-$161$89-$132$215-$293
Chevrolet Silverado$288-$367$116-$216$404-$583
Ford Focus$90-$115$99-$169$189-$284
Toyota Camry$162-$207$166-$278$328-$485
Toyota Corolla$117-$149$167-$281$284-$430
Nissan Altima$225-$287$165-$241$390-$528
Honda CR-V$108-$138$82-$200$190-$338
Honda Civic$81-$103$121-$140$202-$243
Honda Accord$117-$149$88-$150$205-$299
Ford Fusion$135-$172$59-$108$194-$280

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