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The job of the heater fan is to push cold or warm air through the vents when the air condition or heating is on in the car. Essentially, you need this fan to ensure that air reaches you and your passengers effectively. Over time and after much use, it will wear down and need replacing.

You will pay between $190 and $280 for a heater blower fan replacement. The labor should cost, on average, $45-$55, while parts will run you between $150 and $220.

Heater Fan Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$98-$275



Parts & Labour12 months$88-$296


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$114-$249



Parts & Labour24 months$107-$228








What Is Heater Fan Replacement?

The heater fan isn’t usually affecting any other part of the car, so you often just have to replace this item on its own and nothing else. The mechanic may need to do some cleaning in the vents and HVAC system, and some vehicles make it tougher to gain access to the heater fan. For the most part, though, this a straightforward and relatively simple replacement job.

Benefits of Heater Fan Replacement

Once you have the heater fan replaced, you can enjoy better airflow in the vehicle. This is important during both cold and warm weather, as it allows air to circulate more efficiently and reach everyone in the car, and not just those near the heating and cooling system. It’s going to come in handy when the weather is rainy, and you have to keep the windows closed, but don’t want to suffer stifling heat, as well as when the weather is cold, and you need a way to warm up your frozen fingers after scraping ice off the windshield.

What Is Done during Heater Fan Replacement?

To get to the heater fan, the mechanic will need to access it through either the dashboard or the glove box, depending on the type of car you have. From there, the mechanic can access the duct box and the service cover for the blower motor. The motor will need to be disconnected electronically, and the service cover is taken off.

Then the mechanic will take out the retaining screws and remove the blower motor. The new motor can then be put in, and all the parts that had to be removed can be replaced.

The mechanic will finish by testing the new fan.

When to Get a Heater Fan Replacement

The most obvious sign that you need a new heater fan is that the air conditioning and heating are not working like as they should be. It either produces a very feeble air current or nothing at all. It may not even turn off if the fan is badly damaged.

There is no rush to get this taken care of unless the weather is bad and it’s very hot or very cold outside at that time of year. Then you will be better off getting it fixed rather than trying to make do without the fan.

You may also hear rattling or grinding noises when you turn on the heating or cooling in your car. While none of these are sure signs that the fan is failing, you should have it checked out at that point to see what the problem is.

How to Save Money on Heater Fan Replacement

If you are inclined to do the replacement yourself, then you need to know a bit about testing the fan and diagnosing the problem before you get started. If not, then have a professional handle it for you.

Another way to save money is to simply compare the cost of mechanic services and parts to get the best deal. You might be pleasantly surprised at some of the low prices you find by just doing some searching.

Sample Heater Fan Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$45-$57$112-$139$157-$196
Chevrolet Silverado$54-$69$163-$181$217-$250
Ford Focus$45-$57$112-$139$157-$196
Toyota Camry$54-$69$155-$181$209-$250
Toyota Corolla$54-$69$155-$181$209-$250
Nissan Altima$54-$69$154-$210$208-$279
Honda CR-V$45-$57$111-$220$156-$277
Honda Civic$45-$57$44-$55$89-$112
Honda Accord$45-$57$112-$132$157-$189
Ford Fusion$45-$57$112-$139$157-$196

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