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The injector pump sends fuel to the cylinders and ensures that the engine gets enough fuel at different stages of the cylinder cycle. It is operated by a shaft that turns in time with the engine to ensure proper timing of all fuel injections. Once that part breaks down or begins to malfunction, you will end up with some fuel supply problems, among others

To get your injector pump replaced, you are looking at anywhere from $1,400 to $1,875. For labor, you should pay between $770 and $1,000, while parts will run between $685 and $900.

Injector Pump Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$189-$460



Parts & Labour12 months$172-$479


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$195-$435



Parts & Labour24 months$175-$420







What Is Injector Pump Replacement?

The cost of repairing or replacing the injector pump is never going to be cheap. The time it takes to change it out is a big factor there, but the parts are also costly since they are high-performance parts. If you ran your vehicle for a while after this problem started, then you can accrue some additional expenses, and you may have to have your engine repaired or cleaned out. There are a lot of parts for the mechanic to move out of the way, so that can easily affect how long it takes to make the repairs and how much you pay in labor costs.

Benefits of Injector Pump Replacement

Once you get the injector pump taken care of, you will benefit from a vehicle that runs, since a failed pump often means your engine won’t be starting. You also protect the engine from serious wear and tear. It’s dangerous to run the vehicle when the pump is failing, so getting it fixed means you avoid a lot of expensive and involved repairs on the engine and the rest of your vehicle.

You’ll enjoy a more reliable vehicle, and experience fewer stops and starts and power surges. It’s simply far safer for you and your car, and even those around you, if you get the pump repaired or replaced when it starts to give you problems.

What Is Done during Injector Pump Replacement?

To get the injector pump out, the mechanic will usually need to take out the engine mount, as well as all the timing parts, the low pressure and high-pressure fuel lines, and the electrical components connecting the pump to the rest of the vehicle. This can take a while, but then replacing the pump and putting everything back in place is simply a reverse process. Once that’s all finished, the mechanic will do a bench test and a road test to make sure everything is in working order.

When to Get Injector Pump Replacement

You don’t want to drive the vehicle while the fuel injector pump is failing. You probably won’t be able to drive it anyway, since a failed pump usually means that little to no power is getting to the engine to make the car start. Even if you do get it to drive, you risk allowing metal shavings to enter the engine and create some serious problems.

It’s best to have the vehicle towed when you see this problem, and you can look for the signs that indicate that it’s time to change out the injector pump. These signs include misfires, failure to start, engine shutdown, power surges and poor fuel efficiency.

How to Save Money on Injector Pump Replacement

Those looking to save some money on the repairs may be tempted to do the replacement themselves, but we don’t recommend that. This vital part of your car’s fueling system is difficult to replace, most of the time. It can take a long time and involve some tools that not everyone has readily available.

You are better off comparing costs on parts and labor for this one. You can save a lot of money that way, especially since this is an expensive job. If you don’t like how much your mechanic is charging you for the parts, you can source them on your own and probably save some cash.

Sample Injector Pump Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$126-$161$89-$132$215-$293
Chevrolet Silverado$162-$207$166-$278$328-$485
Ford Focus$90-$115$99-$169$189-$284
Toyota Camry$162-$207$166-$278$328-$485
Toyota Corolla$162-$207$166-$278$328-$485
Nissan Altima$81-$103$121-$140$202-$243
Honda CR-V$108-$138$82-$200$190-$338
Honda Civic$81-$103$121-$140$202-$243
Honda Accord$117-$149$88-$150$205-$299
Ford Fusion$90-$115$99-$169$189-$284

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