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Your car’s engine is pumped air regularly to keep the engine and its coolant at the right temperature. The intake air temperature sensor tells the engine how much the air needs to be cooled or warmed. That sensor may fail over time, and that can cause you some serious engine trouble.

To get it fixed, you will pay somewhere between $80 and $270. Labor will usually cost about $80-$120, but it can be much more expensive with some cars. The cost of parts can be as little as $6 but go up to $100, in some cases. The kind of car you have and how much work is involved in changing out the parts will determine your total cost.

Intake Air Temperature Sensor Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$123-$418


Parts & Labour12 months$131-$440

Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$145-$426


Parts & Labour24 months$153-$490







What Is Intake Air Temperature Sensor Replacement?

If you catch this problem early, you should just need to have the sensor changed out, but if your engine has been overheating for a while due to a failed sensor, you can pay quite a bit for repairs. You want to watch for the warning signs to save yourself some money and to protect your engine.

Benefits of Intake Air Temperature Sensor Replacement

Getting this problem fixed means that your engine will be protected from some severe damage. If the engine overheats, it can become damaged, or other nearby parts can be damaged as well. You will also save on fuel, as the intake air temperature sensor affects how much fuel the vehicle uses. Your car will run quieter and perform better, making for a more pleasant ride.

What Is Done during Intake Air Temperature Sensor Replacement?

The mechanic will assess the problem first of all and try to determine if the sensor is at fault or if it is something else. To take out the sensor, he will need to disconnect the electric wires from the sensor and perhaps bench test it to see why it stopped working. Then he just needs to insert the new sensor and hook it up to the wires. He may want to take it for a road test afterward to make sure it is all working as it should be.

In some cases, the repair and replacement job is a lot more complicated. It depends on how severe the damage is and what kind of car you have. If you are concerned about additional costs and extensive labor time, then ask your mechanic for an estimate before he gets too far into the work.

When to Get Intake Air Temperature Sensor Replacement

You’ll want to look out for the warning signs that your intake air temperature sensor may have failed. You should have your car inspected if the engine idles, if the engine is overheating, if the car stalls out, if there are misfires or if the exhaust is black. Now, many of these can be signs for a variety of other things, but they still necessitate an inspection of the vehicle.

It’s best not to drive the vehicle much once you know there is a problem with the sensor. You can seriously damage the engine and a variety of other components. It’s okay to drive it to the mechanic, but don’t expect the vehicle to work well until you get the issue fixed.

How to Save Money on Intake Air Temperature Sensor Replacement

If you want to change out the sensor for yourself and cut your costs a bit, then you should know that it is not a bad project for a DIYer. It shouldn’t take much work to change out the sensor in most cars, but if you feel like you are in over your head, you need to stop and let a mechanic handle it for you.

While you can save money by sourcing the parts and comparing labor costs yourself, you may not save much, since this can sometimes be a very inexpensive car repair job.

Sample Intake Air Temperature Sensor Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$68-$80$85-$156$153-$236
Chevrolet Silverado$125-$140$233-$280$358-$420
Ford Focus$68-$80$85-$156$153-$236
Toyota Camry$65-$74$96-$186$161-$260
Toyota Corolla$65-$74$96-$186$161-$260
Nissan Altima$60-$70$60-$95$120-$165
Honda CR-V$70-$83$155-$197$225-$280
Honda Civic$70-$83$155-$197$225-$280
Honda Accord$70-$83$155-$197$225-$280
Ford Fusion$68-$80$85-$156$153-$236

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