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Your car’s control arm helps to absorb the road and prevent the ride from feeling bumpy. Without that control arm, your ride would feel like traveling in a hay wagon, and you would bounce up and down. The bushing allows the lower control arm to move easily, and it can wear out over time, especially if you drive on rough roads very often.

To replace the bushing for the lower control arm, you will pay about $210- $670. The cost of labor should be between $95 and $255, while parts should run you $115-$415.

Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$146-$487



Parts & Labour12 months$132-$440


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$149-$480



Parts & Labour24 months$156-$420







What Is Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement?

The bushing will be one of the first parts of the lower arm to go out, so it’s certainly possible that you just need to replace the bushing and nothing else, but the mechanic will check the surrounding parts for signs of wear and tear. This is the kind of problem that can show up on a regular inspection of the car or during a suspension check.

Depending on the kind of car you have, you can pay a couple hundred dollars for the repair job and have it done fairly quickly, or you can pay hundreds more and experience long wait times.

Benefits of Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement

Getting the lower control arm bushing replaced means that you get a smoother ride. There won’t be all the squeaking, bumping and other noises and unpleasant sensations that can come from having a damaged bushing on your car’s control arm. You will also protect the suspension and the tires by removing some of the excess force and jostling that can wear them down quickly.

What Is Done During Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement?

It can take a lot of work to get the bushing off. The mechanic will need to hoist or jack the vehicle first and then remove the wheel and the tire. Then the ball joint has to come off next, which requires a ball joint remover. On some control arms, the bushings are a permanent part, while on others, the bushing is removable. This difference will determine how long it takes the mechanic to remove the bushing and how much the parts will cost.

Once the bushing is off, the mechanic can install a new one and reattach the ball joint, wheel, and tire. Your mechanic will probably want to do a pressure test first, just pressing down on the car to see if there is any squeaking or other problem noticeable. Then he will likely want to perform a road test to see how stable the control arms are and how smooth the ride is.

When To Get Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement

The first thing you will probably notice when the lower control arm bushing starts to fail is a squeaking noise from the control arm. This will be more prominent on rough roads and when you are making sharp turns. You may also notice a knocking noise if the problem is severe, and the tires may wear out unevenly and faster than normal.

You can still drive the car in this condition, but you will have to put up with the squeaking and other minor issues. The sooner you get this problem fixed, the more you will save on tire replacement, and you will prevent the control arms from failing prematurely. It’s not an emergency, but you want to deal with it at some point.

How To Save Money On Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement

For those looking to do the project themselves and save some money, it’s important to note that this is an intermediate repair job. It requires some tools that not everyone will have on hand, and there is some risk involved in hoisting or jacking up a vehicle to do the kind of work required for this replacement job.

You may be better off trying to save money by simply comparing the costs from one mechanic to another. See how much individual mechanics charge you for parts and services and try to find the best deal for a reliable mechanic to do the work.

Sample Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$51-$72$95-$115$146-$187
Chevrolet Silverado$186-$214$151-$172$337-$486
Ford Focus$51-$72$95-$115$146-$187
Toyota Camry$51-$72$95-$115$146-$187
Toyota Corolla$87-$104$109-$131$196-$235
Nissan Altima$51-$72$95-$115$146-$187
Honda CR-V$87-$104$109-$131$196-$235
Honda Civic$87-$104$109-$131$196-$235
Honda Accord$87-$104$109-$131$196-$235
Ford Fusion$51-$72$95-$115$146-$187

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