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Your car’s manifold gasket helps to keep the manifold sealed and prevent leaks or other problems that could affect the engine.

The gasket blowing or otherwise being damaged is the most common type of manifold problem, and it will cost you anywhere from $400 to nearly $600 to fix it. The labor is by far the most significant expense here, costing upwards of $400, in most cases. The parts start at about $80 and go up to $170 on most cars.

Manifold Gasket Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$178-$415



Parts & Labour12 months$185-$407


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$196-$397



Parts & Labour24 months$172-$445







What Is Manifold Gasket Replacement?

Replacing the gasket may also mean fixing a cracked manifold or doing some other work on the engine, but if it’s just the gasket that needs to be changed out, you are still in for a lot of work. How much work it takes depends on the car you have and what kind of gasket you need to get replaced. Some are made from rubber, while others are just paper, and that can make the price of parts go up or down substantially.

Benefits of Manifold Gasket Replacement

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when the gasket seal fails. You’ll prevent or fix all that by getting this problem taken care of quickly. The sooner you allow the gasket to go unrepaired, the more damage your engine is likely to accrue. You enjoy better fuel usage once this issue is taken care of, and your car will run much smoother and more reliably. A problem with the gasket is the problem with the engine, so you’ll save that vital part of your car a lot of wear and tear by getting the gasket taken care of as soon as possible.

What Is Done During Manifold Gasket Replacement?

To get to the gasket, the mechanic will need to remove a lot of parts. The manifold has to come out, and the fuel and coolant may need to be drained as well. This process for getting to the gasket and replacing it varies from one car to the next, but it always takes a while and involves a lot of work for the mechanic.

A lot of engine parts may need to be taken out as well, and the mechanic will move slowly to ensure that none of them are damaged. This entire process can take hours, which is why the labor costs are so high.

Once the new gasket is in, though, the mechanic will need to test it out, preferably with both a bench test and a road test.

When to Get Manifold Gasket Replacement

Engine problems need to be taken seriously, and even something as small as the gasket can lead to serious problems when left unrepaired. Once you know that there is an issue with your gasket, you need to get it replaced right away. You probably want your vehicle towed to the mechanic, as it’s not safe to drive it anymore at that point.

There are lots of different indicators that you can look for that will tell you that you might have a gasket problem. The most common ones will be the check engine light being on and odd sounds coming from the engine. You should also look out for dark-colored exhaust, stalling, surges in power, erratic engine performance and overheating. There are other possible symptoms, and the best advice we can tell you on how to look for this is just to pay attention to your engine. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with it, then get it checked out by a professional.

Your gasket should last for a long time, but some factors can speed up the decay process and cause it to malfunction on you. If you live in an environment with extreme temperatures or rough driving conditions when you want to have this car part checked more frequently than someone who lives in a temperate environment with smooth roads.

How to Save Money on Manifold Gasket Replacement

We recommend a lot of projects for people who want to do the work themselves and save some money on repairs. This is not one of them. You not only put yourself at risk by dealing with the dangerous components that you have to move to get to the gasket and replace it, but you also risk damaging your car, and particularly your engine. It’s not a risk you want to take, and we highly recommend you have professional mechanics do the work for you.

You can compare their labor costs to save some money, though. That’s the big expense with manifold gasket replacement, so if you find an inexpensive mechanic to do the work for you, that’s something to consider, if you are concerned about how much this will cost you.

Sample Manifold Gasket Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$270-$344$23-$53$293-$397
Chevrolet Silverado$180-$229$69-$129$249-$358
Ford Focus$162-$207$20-$51$182-$258
Toyota Camry$198-$252$74-$137$272-$389
Toyota Corolla$198-$252$74-$137$272-$389
Nissan Altima$180-$229$17-$81$197-$310
Honda CR-V$189-$241$24-$69$213-$310
Honda Civic$297-$379$18-$29$315-$408
Honda Accord$144-$184$37-$79$181-$263
Ford Fusion$162-$207$20-$51$182-$258

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