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You manifold helps control air pressure in the engine, and the MAP sensor, or manifold absolute pressure sensor, tells the car’s computer how much pressure has built up inside the manifold, which allows the computer to tell the manifold when to release pressure. It can also switch the check engine inductor light on when the manifold isn’t releasing pressure eas it should. This sensor is integral to keeping your engine safe and making sure your car runs smoothly.

You will pay between $130 and $200 for map sensor replacement. The labor costs on that should be about $14-$25, while part should run between $110 and $180.

MAP Sensor Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$109-$215



Parts & Labour12 months$115-$226


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$104-$245



Parts & Labour24 months$119-$227







What Is MAP Sensor Replacement?

If you know that you only have a MAP sensor to change out, then you are in for a fast and easy repair job. It may take less than an hour from start to finish for most mechanics. If you allow this problem to go on for a while without doing anything about it, though, then you could be dealing with a lot of other, more expensive problems with your car.

Benefits of MAP Sensor Replacement

After you have the MAP sensor fixed, you will be able to trust what it is telling your car’s computer. You also won’t have to wonder about that check engine light that has been on, and it will be much safer to drive the car. You won’t need to be careful about your car springing forward and smashing into something unexpectedly either. There are a lot of issues you avoid by getting this problem fixed, and besides the more noticeable ones, you will also be saving yourself money on engine repair and other major vehicle expenses in the future.

What Is Done during MAP Sensor Replacement?

It’s pretty simple to change out the MAP sensor for a new one. All the mechanic has to do is identify the problem, unscrew or unfasten the sensor and then replace it with a new one. Then he will need to clear any trouble codes on the car’s computer and test out the new sensor with a road test.

It may take some time to diagnose the problem and ensure that it is the sensor that needs to be replaced, but after that diagnosis, the entire process will go quickly and easily in most cars.

When to Get MAP Sensor Replacement

The most common indicator that the MAP sensor is not working is that the check engine light will be on. This can mean some things, so be sure you know how to diagnose the problem before you try to fix it on your own.

You may also notice that black smoke is coming from the exhaust because the engine is burning too much fuel. The engine may misfire, stall, stop and start or operate roughly as well when you have this kind of problem.

It’s best not to drive the vehicle when this happens or when you know you are having MAP sensor trouble. That’s because your vehicle can experience surges in power and may lurch forward, crashing into something or someone. It can also shut off unexpectedly, which can be dangerous as well. It’s ideal to have the vehicle towed to the mechanic and have then look at your problem.

How to Save Money on MAP Sensor Replacement

Those looking for a way to cut their costs with this repair may want to try repairing it themselves. It’s not terribly complicated, in most cases. You just need to know how to diagnose the problem correctly so that you don’t mistakenly replace the wrong part or miss a serious issue that needs to be fixed.

If doing the work yourself is not the way you want to handle this, then you can also save money by comparing rates among mechanics. You probably have a few choices for mechanics in your area who can do the repairs for you, so comparing their rates and how much they charge you for the parts can be a good way to knock a little of the total price.

Sample MAP Sensor Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$26-$34$93-$181$119-$215
Chevrolet Silverado$26-$34$101-$122$127-$156
Ford Focus$26-$34$93-$181$119-$215
Toyota Camry$17-$23$112-$180$129-$203
Toyota Corolla$17-$23$112-$180$129-$203
Nissan Altima$44-$56$112-$180$129-$203
Honda CR-V$52-$67$69-$91$121-$158
Honda Civic$52-$67$69-$91$121-$158
Honda Accord$52-$67$69-$91$121-$158
Ford Fusion$26-$34$93-$181$119-$215

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