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Air is always passing through your engine, and the mass air flow sensor tells the car’s computer how much air is moving through there. That information can be relayed as trouble codes or can activate an indicator light on the dashboard if a problem is detected.

To get your mass air flow sensor replaced, you will pay about $300, on average. The labor should cost you around $60, while parts are about $240. The prices vary based on where you go for servicing and what kind of car you have.

Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$127-$316



Parts & Labour12 months$135-$299


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$130-$325



Parts & Labour24 months$129-$304







What Is Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement?

Few car repair jobs are as simple and easy as changing out the mass air flow sensor. Unless you allowed this problem to go on for a while unattended, you should not have to pay for anything extra. A simple sensor changing out should be all you have to be concerned with.

Benefits of Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement

Why should you replace the mass air flow sensor in our car when it starts to malfunction? Well, if you want your engine to function properly, you are going to need to do that. The sensor tells you about engine problems, and it helps to regulate the way the engine works. Once you get that problem fixed, you won’t have to deal with the stuttering, stopping and starting, stalling and other engine problems that are prone to happen once the sensor fails.

You’ll also be protecting your engine and your entire car, saving a lot of money, time and hassle in repairs later. Getting this sensor fixed is integral to having a car that works well for a long time to come.

What Is Done during Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement?

It won’t take long for the mechanic to replace the mass airflow sensor. There is usually just a clip or screw to unfasten or take out, and then the sensor can be taken out and replaced. When the sensor is removed, the mechanic will look at the data on it before putting in the new one, to determine what the problem is. Once the new sensor is in place, the mechanic will test the vehicle to ensure everything is working as it should be.

When to Get Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement

It’s notreally safe to drive while the mass air flow sensor is malfunctioning. You are at the mercy of an engine that could do just about anything, from stalling out, to making you surge forward when you press lightly on the gas pedal. It’s much safer to have your vehicle towed to a mechanic and get the issue taken care of.

Besides the issues we already listed, there are other warning signs that your sensor has failed. You can pay attention any odd noises or smells coming from the engine. You also need to look out for black exhaust fumes and for changes in the way the engine behaves when you are driving. If it surges forward, stops and starts or drives roughly, you could have a problem with the air flow sensor. You’ll want to get it replaced as soon as you notice that there is something wrong with it since you should not be driving your car while there is any problem that could affect the engine.

How to Save Money on Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement

The sensor replacement is a quick and easy job, is if you want to change it out for yourself as a means to save someone money, then go for it. It’s something most people can do on their own without much trouble. The only problem comes in clearing out the trouble codes or diagnosing the problem, as those can be tricky, and you may want a professional to handle those parts of the replacement process.

You can also potentially save some money by comparing rates on this replacement job, but you may not be saving much. Since it’s fairly inexpensive, you aren’t likely to get a much better deal than the average.

Sample Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$36-$46$176-$248$212-$294
Chevrolet Silverado$36-$46$105-$155$141-$201
Ford Focus$27-$34$198-$245$225-$279
Toyota Camry$63-$80$179-$221$242-$301
Toyota Corolla$63-$80$179-$221$242-$301
Nissan Altima$36-$46$105-$155$141-$201
Honda CR-V$36-$46$105-$155$141-$201
Honda Civic$36-$46$105-$155$141-$201
Honda Accord$36-$46$105-$155$141-$201
Ford Fusion$36-$46$171-$245$207-$291

Mass Air Flow Sensor Costs Submitted By Our Users

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