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sAn engine mount works to secure the engine and the transmission to the frame of the car, and it’s also designed to help absorb any shocks and vibrations to ensure the driver is not aware of any engine movement.

Usually, motor mounts replacement costs between $224 and $563 for parts and labor, and you can pick the mounts up online for between $38 and $145.

Motor Mount Replacement Cost Comparison

Below are some example costs from some of the leading repair companies in the country, as well as the cost of motor mounts themselves from leading online auto part retailers. With an important repair like this you’ll normally be best going with a mechanic rather than buying parts and trying to fix it yourself, but you may be able to save some money by supplying the parts yourself.

Your Mechanic

Parts & labor12 months$218 – $686


Parts & labor12 months$247 – 551

Mr. Tire

Parts & labor24 months$245 – $623

Pep Boys

Parts & labor6 Months$199 – 782


PartsLimited$51 – $145


PartsLimited$38 – $113

What Are Motor Mounts?

US_Navy_111005-N-HN991-100_Aviation_Machinist's_Mate_2nd_Class_Donald_Garman,_from_Long_Beach,_Calif.,_removes_engine_mounts_from_a_T700_motor_fromThe majority of cars have several engine mounts, usually made from steel and rubber. In the event one of the mounts breaks, you will be aware of a substantial amount of movement in the engine,  including increased vibration and shaking.

If you notice this additional movement in the engine, make sure you have it inspected by a mechanic as soon as possible. If you drive the car for too long with a broken engine mount there’s a real chance of causing significant damage to the transmission and the axle shafts, which will be a far more expensive repair.

The mounts are not usually checked during the general maintenance of a car, so it’s important that you’re aware of any major changes to how the car feels when you drive it. If you experience any of the symptoms described here, take it in to your local garage to have it checked out.

Any unusual noises or vibrations could be linked to engine mount issues, but the main things to look out for are clunking noises or engine movement, significant vibration when accelerating, any movement in the engine compartment when turning, or leaking oil which may be from a damaged mount.

Benefits of Motor Mount Replacement

Despite being a relatively small part of the engine, faulty or broken engine mounts have the potential to cause some major damage. Having properly fitted and functioning motor mounts prevents various problems with the engine, the alignment of the car, problems with the belts and hoses and even keeps the car from making excessive noise, so keeping them in good working order is highly recommended.

The motor mounts not only keep the engine secure, but they also keep it properly aligned. A faulty mount can cause the engine to drop at one side, and excessive tilting can result in engine block and prevent you from using your car. If you notice any drooping in the engine, have the mounts inspected.

The excessive engine movement caused by a broken motor mount can also cause problems with the belts and hoses in the engine. These parts are particularly at risk when you’re driving at high speeds, so it’s vital your engine is securely fastened to prevent any potential accidents.

When Should You Have The Motor Mounts Replaced?

Cadillac_4.6_L_DOHC_V8_engineLike just about every part of your car, the motor mounts are affected by wear and tear and can eventually fail over time. Car engines are large, heavy bits of equipment and a lifetime of stops, starts, bumps and turns will all take their toll on the mounts. They can crack, the rubber fixtures can wear out or become spongy, and they can even just crumble apart in the right circumstances.

One way in which the erosion is accelerated is by liquid from the engine making its way into the mounts. Common culprits include motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and any other liquid involved in the operation of an engine.

Other common reasons for motor mount failure include engine modifications which make the car more powerful than the original design, as well as aggressive driving and cornering.

For smaller cars, it’s a little easier to check for cracks in the mounts than with larger cars. Usually a strong two-handed push should move the engine enough to check the mounts for any cracks or breaks in the mount. For larger cars, a visit to a garage is the best option to assess any possible damage.

If one motor mount is broken, there’s usually a good chance the others are on the way out too. The additional stress placed on them by the broken mount will likely have caused some problems, and they will have been subject to the same stresses and strains as the broken one. As well as replacing the motor mounts, there’s a chance the transmission mount will need to be replaced as well.

What Is Done During Motor Mount Replacement?

  1. The mechanic will inspect the engine to ensure there will be no issues with lines or hoses being cracked when the engine is jacked up
  2. The engine will be jacked up with multiple blocks of wood to allow the mounts to be taken off safely
  3. The mount bolts will be loosened, usually with a universal joint and an extension
  4. The mechanic will then go underneath the car to loosen the mount to frame bolts
  5. Once the bolts are loose, the engine will be raised a little higher and the motor mounts will be removed
  6. The old and new mounts will be compared to ensure they’re the correct part, and any drip or heat shields will be transferred to the new mounts
  7. The mount to frame bolts will be threaded before the engine is lowered as it makes alignment much easier
  8. The engine will then be lowered back in to place and the bolts securely fastened

How to Save Money on Motor Mount Replacement

The main way to save money on motor mount replacement is to have the car inspected and repaired as soon as you notice any excessive vibration or engine movement. This will minimize the effect of the broken mount on the other engine mounts and will reduce the likelihood of them needing replaced.Having the repair done early will also help prevent any more serious damage being done to the engine, saving you money on additional repairs.

As always, shop around for a few quotes from garages in your local area. The job will involve using equipment which most people won’t have at home, and the importance of the repair to the overall performance of the car means it’s best left to a trained professional. Try to get the best price for the work, but always go with a mechanic with a good reputation.

Sample Engine Mount Replacement Costs

The table below contains the expected repair costs for the most popular car models in the country. While these prices are indicative of what you should expect to pay for these models and the size of car, prices will differ from location to location so use them as a guide only.

Ford F-Series$287 – $407$59 – $91$346 – $498
Chevrolet Silverado$279 – $449$88 – $114$367 – $563
Ford Focus$225 – $360$55 – $104$280 – $464
Toyota Camry$315 – $418$65 – $87$380 – $505
Toyota Corolla$338 – $450$62 – $95$400 – $545
Nissan Altima$176 – $336$48 – $88$224 – $424
Honda CR-V$208 – $385$78 – $123$286 – $508
Honda Civic$197 – $361$87 – $118$284 – $479
Honda Accord$190 – $345$69 – $109$259 – $454
Ford Fusion$231 – $319$66 – $92$297 – $411

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