Error code P0011 indicated that the ECM has detected that the bank 1 intake camshaft is more advanced than it was instructed to be. It’s a generic error code produced by an over-advanced condition which typically occurs during the retarding or advancing of the camshaft timing.

Most people will notice some issues with the engine prior to the P0011 code being generated. It may become erratic, stall regularly, or may struggle to start on occasion. They may also notice excessively high fuel consumption and various issues with the overall performance of the vehicle.

If left unchecked for an extended period of time, it can cause issues with the valve train or the engine itself.

Common Symptoms

  • The Check Engine Light will be illuminated and the ECM will instruct the camshaft to return to its starting position if possible
  • If the camshaft is stuck too far forward or in a retarded timing position the engine may struggle to start
  • Fuel consumption will increase and fuel mileage will be worse than normal due to the misalignment of the camshafts
  • Depending on the camshaft positions, the engine may stall or run rough
  • The issue could lead to excessive emissions and the car is likely to fail an emissions test

Possible Causes

  • The crankshaft sensors have detected that the camshaft is more advanced than the ECM has instructed
  • The camshaft is in a more advanced position when it has been instructed to retard to a lower timing level
  • There may be clogged passages in the oil control solenoid in the bank 1 camshaft
  • There’s a lack of oil flow to and from the camshaft phasers as a result of the oil being too thick
  • The camshaft phasers may have become stuck in the advanced position

What To Check

Inspect the wiring, electrical connectors and valves of the oil control valves in the bank 1 intake camshaft. Ensure the engine has access to clean oil with the appropriate thickness, as this is a common cause of the error.

A screenshot of the error should be taken before restarting the vehicle to see if the error returns. If the error returns, pinpoint testing should be performed to determine the exact cause of the error.

How To Fix It

  • Initially, the code should be reset and a road test should be performed to see if it returns
  • The oil should be changed to ensure the correct viscosity is being used, and the filter should be replaced
  • Inspect the wiring and connections to the bank 1 intake camshaft oil control valve, replacing or repairing as required
  • Replacing the bank 1 intake camshaft oil control valve
  • Check for issues with the timing chain alignment

Additional Tips

Ensure that you conform to the manufacturer’s specified oil viscosity, as the oil control valves and camshafts are a specific size. This means that if the oil is too thick or thin it can cause issues with the timing phasers, leading to camshaft failure and potentially other engine issues due to the lack of lubrication.