The error code P0013 is used to indicate that the ECM has detected an open or short circuit in the bank 1 exhaust camshaft OCV.

Common Symptoms

  • The Check Engine Light will be illuminated
  • If the OCV has shorted the engine may have a hard start condition
  • Fuel mileage will be poor if the OCV is open or shorted
  • The engine may stall or run rough depending on the OCV issue

Possible Causes

  • The OCV may have open wiring or an open circuit
  • There may be an issue with the wiring to the bank 1 exhaust camshaft
  • The ECM instructed the OCV to under 80% duty cycle and the output is 100%
  • The ECM instructed the OCV up to 70% but output is under 3%

What to Check

The wiring and connections to the camshaft oil control valve for the bank 1 exhaust camshaft should all be checked for any damaged wiring or loose connections.

The error code diagnostic information should be noted to see the circumstances which triggered the error. The code should then be cleared and the engine restarted to see if the error returns.

The proper resistance for the OCV should be between 6.9-7.9 ohms, so this should be checked to see if there’s an issue. Shorted wiring from the ECM can also cause problems, so this should be inspected.

If, after performing these checks the error returns, pinpoint testing should be performed to find the exact cause of error code P0013.

Visual inspections should always be performed ahead of any repair work being undertaken, including simple checks like ensuring all connectors are properly connected. The engine oil should be inspected to ensure there’s enough oil circulating and that the viscosity matched the manufacturer’s recommendation.

How to Fix

As with most ODB2 codes, resetting the fault code and performing a road test should be the first step. This will help to accurately detect which circumstances trigger the code. Any faulty wiring or connectors should be replaced as required, particularly those to the exhaust camshaft oil control valve for bank 1.

More extensive repair work may involve replacing the camshaft oil control valve for the bank 1 exhaust camshaft or replacing the ECM, but this will generally be a last resort.

Additional Information

Error code P0013 is triggered when the OCV connector has been corroded and is acting like an open circuit, or when there actually is an open circuit in the OCV. There may also be an internal short, which can stall the engine by sticking the camshaft in an advanced position.