Error Code P0058 is defined as Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) Heater Control Circuit High, Bank 2, Sensor 2. This error code is considered as a generic code, as it applies to all makes and models of vehicles made since 1996 to present. This also means different manufacturers and models may have slightly different specifications and steps for diagnosis and repair for this error code.


Error Code P0058 refers to a fault in the oxygen sensor heater circuit, as PCM (powertrain control module, or also called ECM or electronic control module) detects excessively high voltage to the HO2S circuit. Bank 2 is on the side of the engine that doesn’t have the cylinder #1.

Since 1996, engine’s O2 sensors come with a heating element called HO2S, and their job is to heat up and send information to the PCM to determine the level of oxygen there is in the exhaust system. The HO2S needs to reach a minimum operating temperature (750˚ F) to be able to produce the accurate voltage signal. The faster the HO2S reach this temperature, the faster it will be for the sensor to send the signal to the PCM.

It will use the gathered data from Bank 2, Sensor 2 to monitor the catalytic converter’s efficiency. The heater element plays an integral role in the sensor. Before OBD II vehicles, O2 sensor is just one wire. Today, it’s comprised of four (4) wires: two of which are for the oxygen sensor and the other two are for the heater element. The most basic job of the O2 sensor is to reduce the time needed for the engine to achieve closed loop. The PCM, which controls the heater on time, also monitors the heater circuits for any abnormal changes in the voltages, or even in amperages in some cases.

Depend on the make and model of the vehicle, the O2 sensor is controlled in one of the two ways: one is that, the PCM controls the voltage feed to the heater either directly or through the HO2S relay and ground is supplied from the common ground of the vehicle. Second is that there’s a fused 12V battery feed (B+) that feeds 12V to the heater element anytime the ignition is on, while the control heater is made by the PCM’s driver, which also controls the ground side of the heater circuit. With this, it is important that you know which type you have, as the PCM activates the heater under numerous circumstances.

Common Symptoms

Aside from the activation of Check Engine light, there are no other symptoms for this trouble code.

Possible Causes

There are many triggers that lead to the detection of Error Code P0058, some of the most common are:

  • Damaged or faulty HO2S Bank 2, Sensor 2
  • Open or shorted heater control of HO2S Bank 2, Sensor 2 (12V PCM controlled systems)
  • Short B+ (battery voltage) in heater element circuit (12V PCM controlled systems)
  • Poor electrical connection in the circuit of HO2S Bank 2, Sensor 2
  • Problem on the circuit fuse of HO2S Bank 2, Sensor 2
  • Faulty PCM (rare)

How to Check and Fix

As said earlier, Error Code P0058 is a generic error, meaning, different manufacturers and vehicle models may have different specifications, diagnosis, and repairs for this error code. Nevertheless, generally, the diagnosis starts with a thorough visual inspection of the Bank 2, Sensor 2 of the HO2S, as well as its wiring harness. Should you notice any signs of damage to the sensor or the wiring, then it should be fixed as soon as possible.

Look for bare wires, especially those that enter the sensor. These troubled wires usually can be fatigued and cause shorts. Make sure all the wiring routed away from the exhaust. Repair or replace wirings as necessary.

If everything seems to be in good shape, unplug the Bank 2, Sensor 2 of HO2S and verify if there is 12V B+ present (key on, engine off), or if the ground is present (depending on the system).

Then, check whether the heater control (ground) circuit is intact. If it is indeed intact, then remove the oxygen sensor and check for signs of damage.

If you can get a hold of your resistance specs, then you can use an Ohmmeter and conduct a resistance test to your heater element. Infinite resistance means there is open in the heater. Replace your oxygen sensor if needed.