The error code P0441 or the Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow is the set whenever the computer sees that there is a problem with the flow coming from the purge valve or the purge flow is not enough within the EVAP system.


The computer system will be delivering this code once the EVAP system has detected any problems when it comes to the purge flow within the system. This computer will be commanding the valve to open and once the right amount of vacuum is not detected, the code will be sent. Though this error code is a rare condition to different vehicles, there are easy fixes that can be done to prevent any serious damage.


Basically, the error p0441 means that the EVAP system does not function properly. The entire EVAP system is comprised of a lot of parts and these may include fuel lines, gas cap, purge valve, carbon canister, and other hoses. It is the system that is preventing any gasoline vapors directly from a vehicle fuel tank from escaping.

The system is the one catching and storing the vapors in a box that is installed near the place of the fuel tank. As you drive and when specific conditions are slowly met, the vapors will gradually purge from the charcoal canister and will get burned within your engine. When the purge flow is either higher or lower, the code P0441 will be detected.

Common Symptoms

Aside from the light indicator for Check Engine, there are no other symptoms that a driver may notice. However, there are times when the engine will surge or start running a bit rough or a bit idle, which is already a symptom of this error. Also, another symptom that you may keep in mind is when you notice the strong fuel odor.

Possible Causes

There are several reasons why a P0441 error could be detected by your vehicle’s computer, and any of the following may have happened:

  • Fuel cap is missing
  • Purge valve is stuck closed or open
  • Fuel cap is damaged or defective
  • The fuel tank filler neck is either cracked, distorted, or damaged
  • Hose of the EVAP system is punctured or torn
  • The fuel tank sending unit seal or gasket is defective
  • Carbon canister is damaged or split
  • Fuel tank is damaged or defective
  • The evaporative vent valve is defective

How to Check

There are ways on how you can check P0441 error code one if with the use of a scan tool or with manually checking it without using any scan tool. So, for checking without using a scan tool, the following are steps you can take:

  1. The first step should be a visual inspection. Check if the fuel cap is closed properly and that there’s no other damage like cracks on the charcoal canister. Also, check if all the vacuum hoses connected to the EVAP system are connected properly. When you find out there are no obvious problems, the next step will be testing the purge valve.
  2. Normally, the purge valve should be closed. It will only open when a certain amount of voltage will be applied to the terminals. Using a vacuum pump that is hand-held. When testing, the valve should hold the vacuum as indication that is closed and no voltage is applied. On the other hand, it should open completely once voltage is applied. When testing, hold the vacuum for a certain amount of time prior to pulling. There are times when the purge valve is sticking intermittently but would normally work properly once tested.

These are the ones you could do when not using a scan tool, the following are the ones you could do to check with a scan tool:

  1. Basically, the scan tools have the complete capability of running a test with the entire EVAP system. Using the tool, you must monitor the pressure from the EVAP system and the purge valve should also be activated. You just have to check the manual included with the tool on what particular results wouldindicate a problem with the valve.

How to Fix

In fixing the P0441 error code, there are things that you can actually do like the following:

  • Check for hoses that are disconnected or damaged under the hood. These are the small black hoses that should be connected or leading to something. Make sure that all are connected to something and are directed away from the any area where its part may rub or from the vehicle’s exhaust manifold. It may not be a common cause, but it’s the easiest fix you can do.
  • Replace the purge valve if it’s cracked or damaged. Repair or replace any damaged parts that you found while checking.
  • Check the wiring directing to the purge solenoid as well as the connector to ensure that these are in great condition.

Basically, there are no other repairs that an average car owner could do. When you see any damages on certain parts that caused the P0441 error code, you can always have it replaced immediately.

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