Error Code P0915 is defined as Gear Shift Position Circuit Range/Performance. This is a generic trouble code, meaning it applies to all vehicles equipped with the OBD-II system, especially those made since 1996 up to the present. Specifications on the definition, troubleshooting, and repairs, of course, vary from one make and model to another.

The transmission gearshift system determines the power output of the engine. If this error code is detected, that means the PCM has determined a limitation in the ability of the gearshift to cover its full range.

Error Code P0915 occurs when the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has detected an insufficient range in the transmission gearshift position circuit. This code refers to a deviation in the sensed position between two sensors linked to the PCM. Thus, it affects the transmission and drivability of the vehicle.

Common Symptoms

  • Harsh shifting
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Failure to shift gear

Possible Causes

The most common cause of this problem is bad wiring, broken, corroded, disconnected, or frayed wires or circuitry. In some rare cases, faulty PCM may be at fault as well.

How to Check

Start by checking the main and sub-sensors linked up to the PCM. Inspect functionality thoroughly.

Any damaged or faulty components must be dealt with accordingly (repair or replace).

Broken, corroded, or frayed wires must be replaced or fixed.

In rare cases, PCM may be at fault. If there are any repairs needed for the PCM, it is important to use memory saving device to spare the process of lengthy reprogramming.

How to Fix

  • Repair or replacement of faulty gear shift position sensor
  • Repair or replacement of faulty wires
  • Repair or replacement of faulty connectors or pins
  • Repair or replacement and reprogramming a PCM (rare)

In many cases, transmission components are replaced when the sensors are at fault.

This code could cause harsh shifting, inability to change gears or render the vehicle inoperable. Thus, this code must be addressed as soon as possible.