Error Code P1763 is defined as Governor Pressure Sensor Voltage Too High.

This error code is a manufacturer-specific trouble code, meaning it does not apply to all vehicles makes. Rather, it applies only to specific vehicle makes, such as Dodge, Jeep, Ram, etc. Specification on the definition, troubleshooting, and repairs still vary from one make and model to another.


The job of the Governor Pressure Sensor is to measure the output pressure of the Governor Pressure Solenoid Valve. This sensor sends signal outputs, providing the necessary feedback to the PCM. This feedback is required to control the governor pressure.

For it to work properly, the sensor must have a good ground of, and 5Vof reference voltage from the PCM, as well as a signal return wire to the PCM.

Error Code P1763 appears when the PCM (powertrain control module, also known as ECM or engine control module in other vehicle makes) determines that the voltage coming off of the governor pressure sensor is higher than the specified and normal pressure, which is at 4.89V or more for at least 8.5 seconds.

Common Symptoms

As with other error codes, this code activates the Check Engine light and registers the code to the vehicle’s system. In other cases, the vehicle may experience drivability problems.

Possible Causes

  • Faulty wiring in the sensor signal to the PCM
  • Open or shorted governor pressure sensor harness
  • Poor electrical connection in governor pressure sensor circuit

How to Check

As with other error codes, checking for this code requires a voltmeter.

Start by checking the output voltage of the governor pressure sensor at Key On Engine Off (KOEO). This should be less than 0.7V.

If not, check the sensor ground, which should be at less than 0.05V.

Then, check the reference voltage, which must be at 5V.

If both the sensor ground and the reference signal are in good condition, but the return voltage is off, then you have a faulty governor pressure sensor.

Also, there’s a good chance the sensor signal is not getting to the PCM due to faulty wiring. Thus, it is best to test the signal at their destination. This includes the ground and reference signals at the sensor and the signal return at the PCM.

How to Fix

Replacement of governor pressure sensor

Repair or replacement of faulty wiring in the governor pressure sensor to the PCM

Manufacturers also release a Technical Service Manual for Error Code P1763 with driveability conditions. This code includes a computer software update, as it works like a bug in your vehicle’s computer.

Also, the sensor is located inside the transmission. Thus, a replacement must only be performed by a qualified transmission technician.

Replacement of sensor must include adding of transmission fluid, cleaners, and the gasket/filter kit.