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Your engine has pressurized oil inside it, and the oil pressure sensor tells the car’s computer how much oil is in there all the time. This lets the computer know when to light up the low engine oil indicator so that you’ll refill the oil as necessary.

If the sensor goes bad, though, then replacing it will cost you about $110. The labor should run you about $60, on average, while parts tend to be about $50.

Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$63-$216



Parts & Labour12 months$59-$229


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$60-$215



Parts & Labour24 months$68-$207







What Is Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement?

In general, taking out the sensor and putting in a new one is no big deal. However, if there is a leak or some other parts have been damaged due to the malfunctioning sensor, then you could be in for a lengthy repair process and a lot of expenses. You may also need to pay for an oil change or a new oil pump at this time. The mechanic may recommend some repairs then that you may or may not feel that you need. It’s up to your discretion as to what you want to get replaced at that point.

Benefits of Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement

Your oil pressure sensor is integral to alerting you about issues with your oil levels and your engine, so getting it fixed means that you can know about issues as they occur. It also means that you can trust that oil level indicator in the dashboard and that you can feel better about driving your car. You’ll protect your vehicle, and its engine in particular, if you make sure the oil pressure sensor is working as it should be.

What Is Done during Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement?

Replacing the sensor is as simple as taking it out by unscrewing or unsnapping it and then diagnosing the sensor to see what went wrong. The mechanic can simply put in a new sensor and then test it out in the garage and on the road to see how it performs.

In some cases, the mechanic may want to drain out the oil, put in a new oil pump or do other repairs that may be necessary at the same time.

When to Get Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement

The oil in your car acts not so much as a lubricant as it does a shield between metal parts, keeping them from coming into contact with each other. Once the oil runs out, the metal parts of your engine can rub together and wear one another out quickly. The sooner you get this problem fixed, the less you will have to pay for repairs on other car parts later.

It’s wise to refrain from driving your car while the sensor is malfunctioning, as you can damage your car the more you drive it with a problem like this. The sensor can fail at any time, but it can also last the lifetimes of your car. It’s hard to say, and it’s just something you need to keep tabs on and know the warning signs of failure for.

Those could be an engine oil light that doesn’t turn off once you refill the oil or odd sounds like grinding coming from the engine. Your car may also put the engine into a reduced power mode until you have corrected the problem.

How to Save Money on Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement

You can save some money by replacing the sensor on your own, but you need to know what you are doing. It’s best not to try to replace it if you aren’t sure how to diagnose the problem, but simply changing out the sensor can be simple.

You can save money in other ways as well. We suggest comparing the price of labor for this repair from a few different mechanics in your area. Check with them to see what they charge for the sensor as well, since you may be able to source it yourself and cut your costs.

Sample Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$45-$57$18-$82$63-$139
Chevrolet Silverado$72-$92$75-$113$147-$205
Ford Focus$45-$57$20-$43$65-$100
Toyota Camry$54-$69$24-$44$78-$113
Toyota Corolla$54-$69$24-$44$78-$113
Nissan Altima$52-$67$49-$57$101-$124
Honda CR-V$45-$57$18-$24$63-$81
Honda Civic$54-$69$29-$32$83-$101
Honda Accord$63-$80$18-$21$81-$101
Ford Fusion$45-$57$20-$43$65-$100

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