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Your car’s onboard control system is known as the powertrain control module, and it operates a lot of the systems in your car. It tells them when to activate and when to use lower power modes or when to shut off. Without this system working on top form, you can end up with a number of car problems.

The cost of replacing your powertrain control module will be between $450 and $1,630. For labor, you can expect to pay between $45 and $125. Parts should cost you $400-$1,500.

Powertrain Control Module Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$701-$1466



Parts & Labour12 months$674-$1670


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$688-$1626



Parts & Labour24 months$745-$1700







What Is Powertrain Control Module Replacement?

Replacing the module is simple enough, but accessing it can be another matter entirely. It can be tough to get to the module, and it can take time to move everything out of the way to access it, depending on the kind of car you have.

The mechanic may just need to adjust the battery and the way it is installed, as that can cause similar problems to control module failure. There are many issues with your car that can produce some of the same symptoms as module failure, so the mechanic will have to spend some time diagnosing the issue and ensuring it is the module that is causing the problem.

Benefits of Powertrain Control Module Replacement

This module affects nearly every system in your car, so getting it fixed means that you can count on your car to function normally. You will enjoy better control over your vehicle and less system failure. You will also not have to worry so much about the engine shutting down or some other major system problem.

Taking care of this problem quickly protects your vehicle from damage and ensures that affected systems won’t need to undergo extensive repairs.

What Is Done during Powertrain Control Module Replacement?

Your mechanic is going to have to diagnose the powertrain control module and ensure that it is what is causing the problem. After all, there are a lot of other car components that can cause similar problems.

The powertrain control module will need to be located and any parts obstructing it will have to be removed. How many parts there will be in the way depends on where the module is located and what kind of car you have. Once it is located and accessible, the module will be unplugged, taken out, replaced and plugged back in. Then all the obstructing parts can be put back in place, and the car will be tested.

When to Get Powertrain Control Module Replacement

You may not be able to drive your vehicle at all if the powertrain control module is starting to fail. This module affects numerous systems through the car, so once it starts to go bad, those systems can malfunction, shut off without any warning and cause indicator lights to switch on across the dashboard.

You may suffer system failure in your air continuing, lights, power windows and other basic functions that make it difficult or impossible to drive the car without. As you might surmise, it is essential that you get this problem repaired as soon as you can. It’s not wise to drive the vehicle in this condition, as systems could shut down unexpectedly or suffer damage as a result of further vehicle operation.

The module should last for years before it needs to be replaced, but you should look for early warning signs that it is not functioning as it should, such as systems behaving erratically or the car refusing to start at times.

How to Save Money on Powertrain Control Module Replacement?

While you can save seem money by doing this replacement job yourself, we suggest only attempting it if you know how to diagnose the problem correctly and if you have scanning tools to check the module for problems. Without that experience and the right tools, you can end up misdiagnosing the issue and replacing the wrong component.

Because this replacement job is so expensive, we suggest you save money by comparing car parts and mechanic’s labor costs to get the best deal. If you source items yourself and even buy them used, you can save hundreds of dollars on this repair.

Sample Powertrain Control Module Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$80-$103$711-$1623$791-$1726
Chevrolet Silverado$80-$103$711-$1623$791-$1726
Ford Focus$80-$103$711-$1623$791-$1726
Toyota Camry$62-$80$883-$1021$945-$1101
Toyota Corolla$53-$68$1021-$1021$1074-$1089
Nissan Altima$197-$252$813-$813$1010-$1065
Honda CR-V$44-$57$684-$684$728-$741
Honda Civic$44-$57$684-$684$728-$741
Honda Accord$80-$103$568-$747$648-$850
Ford Fusion$80-$103$711-$1623$791-$1726

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