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Most modern transmissions are automatic, and they change gears using hydraulic fluid. When the gear changes, the car’s computer will turn on the transmission solenoid, also known as a pressure control solenoid. We’re going to look at what happens when one of these fails.

Replacing a single solenoid can cost you $50-$300. It can take between 2-4 hours, and there may be multiple solenoids to replace. A single solenoid costs $15-$100, and labor costs vary from $50-$70 per hour.

Pressure Control Solenoid Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$162-$399



Parts & Labour12 months$158-$420


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$178-$389



Parts & Labour24 months$169-$388







What Is Pressure Control Solenoid Replacement?

Many times, the solenoids will fail one by one and only need to be placed one at a time. Other times, the entire set will malfunction and need to be replaced en masse. If your experiencing transmission troubles and suspect the solenoids are at fault, you need to be prepared to replace all of them. Having your transmission fluid changed out regularly will prevent the solenoids from going bad so quickly and ensure that you don’t have to come for repairs as often.

Benefits of Pressure Control Solenoid Replacement

Once you get this issue resolved, you can control your car much easier. You will be able to shift the gears without any problem and rely on your car to work like it is supposed to. Your car will be safer to drive and respond better to your actions. On top of that, you will preserve your transmission by getting the solenoid replaced since a malfunctioning solenoid can cause transmission damage over time.

What Is Done during Pressure Control Solenoid Replacement?

The mechanic will need to locate the solenoid, which is usually placed near the oil pan. He may need to remove the fluid compartment next to it to get at the solenoids and empty out the transmission fluid. The mechanic will place an oil pan nearby to catch the fluid as he removes the transmission fluid reservoir. Once that container is out of the way, he can access the solenoid. He will match up the solenoid with the corresponding electrical wire. He may need to replace one of them or all of them, depending on what has been damaged.

Once the solenoid has been taken out, he can replace it with a new one and refill the transmission fluid and put the fluid container back in place.

Then he will test the car to ensure that the transmission and gears are reworking as they should be.

When to Get Pressure Control Solenoid Replacement

Since the solenoid is connected to the transmission and is required for changing gears when it malfunctions, it can cause unexpected gear changes, it may also refuse to shift or change gears, and there may be a delay in shifting gears. You may move the stick shift, but the car may not acknowledge that the gear was changed until seconds or minutes later. Your vehicle may also refuse to move out of neutral gear.

As you can imagine, it’s not wise to try to drive with this problem going on. Your car could escape your control as it shifts gears or refuses to shift gears, and you can get into an accident or become stranded. You are much better off just having the car towed when the solenoids start giving your transmission trouble.

The solenoid will give out eventually, so you should have them checked after the first 10,000 miles and every year after that just to catch this kind of problem early.

How to Save Money on Pressure Control Solenoid Replacement

If you wanted to save on repair costs, doing the work yourself and replacing the solenoids on your own, then you can do that safely with little experience. You just have to be able to recognize a damaged solenoid and ensure you replace all the ones that are damaged. You’ll also need the tools to drain out the transmission fluid and access the solenoids.

Another way to save on this repair is to just compare the rates that different mechanics charge for the work. They won’t all charge the same in parts and labor, so taking some time to compare the costs can shave off some of your expenses.

Sample Pressure Control Solenoid Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$110-$125$89-$100$199-$225
Chevrolet Silverado$180-$205$150-$189$330-$394
Ford Focus$110-$125$89-$100$199-$225
Toyota Camry$126-$ 147$136-$178$262-$325
Toyota Corolla$126-$ 147$136-$178$262-$325
Nissan Altima$96-$110$75-$93$171-$203
Honda CR-V$164-$192$135-$156$299-$348
Honda Civic$164-$192$135-$156$299-$348
Honda Accord$164-$192$135-$156$299-$348
Ford Fusion$110-$125$89-$100$199-$225

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