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Remote starters have gained popularity over the past few years, particularly in the afterparts market. They’re a handy way of warming the car up before you get in, and they’re fast become a standard feature in most modern vehicles.

If your car doesn’t currently have a remote starter, they can usually be installed for between $193 – $427. Higher end vehicles tend to be more expensive, with some as high as $899 to have a branded starter installed.

How Much Does Installing a Remote Starter Cost?

Below are a list of sample remote starter installation costs from the leading garage chains in the USA. Expect the price you pay to be different depending on where you live and what kind of car you drive.

Your Mechanic

Parts & labor12 months$199 – $699


Parts & labor12 months$189 – $650

Mr. Tire

Parts & labor12 months$199 – $749

Pep Boys

Parts & labor6 Months$199 – $699


PartsLimited$119 – $499


PartsLimited$109 – $899

What Is the Remote Starter?

The remote starter is a radio controlled device which automatically starts a vehicle. It is installed by a factory or aftermarket installer to preheat/cool the vehicle before the said owner gets into it.

The remote starter works by pushing a button on a keychain remote to activate it and the vehicle then starts. Various vehicles have different styles and models of remote starters, some can also have keyless entry, but you must ensure you get the right remote starter for your vehicle.

Benefits of Remote Starter Replacement

remote starterThe remote starter provides a range of benefits, and a faulty starter can limit the benefits involved.

First up is convenience and comfort, and remote starters are designed with that in mind. Having the capability of warming up the car in the winter or cool down in the summer whilst you continue with your everyday activities makes controlling your vehicle a dream.

Remote starters enable you to warm your car up before stepping foot inside, so they make ice, snow or frost from those cold winter mornings much easier to defrost. This ultimately provides greater visibility to yourself and other drivers.

We all want our cars to last as long as possible and by warming up a vehicle before driving it is beneficial to the engine. As the vehicle warms up, the engine oil provides better lubrication to the engine and helps the car perform at an optimal level.

Finally, the resale value of your vehicle is slightly increased if your remote starter is functioning properly – especially if you live or work in an area that has extreme weather conditions.

When Should You Have the Remote Starter Replaced?

If you have ever lost or broken your remote starter, it ceases to work or your vehicle only came with one remote, then having a replacement at this point is important. The first option is to always check the batteries as replacements of these are much more cost-effective than a new remote. There are a few types of batteries that can be used, but the most commons ones are an A23 battery or a CR2032 battery in 1-way remotes or AAA batteries and CR2016 batteries in 2-way remotes.

However if that doesn’t work, then replacing your remote starter should be done straight away because as not only can you get yourself a new remote, but the lost or damaged ones can be deleted so it is only you who has access to your vehicle.

What Is Done During Remote Starter Replacement?

During a replacement there are a range of steps that are covered to ensure your vehicle is as you left it and has been serviced correctly. Before a remote starter replacement, a lot of planning is done to ensure that your vehicle receives the best possible service.

  1. Provide estimate for immobilizer interface and install (if applicable)
  2. Mount and install the control module
  3. Route and conceal wiring
  4. Mount LED and valet switches
  5. Mount antenna
  6. Mount the hood switch
  7. Connect starter, parking lights, power, and door trigger controls (if applicable)
  8. Install keyless entry hardware to door locks
  9. Install alarm hardware including siren, shock sensor and hood sensor
  10. All the remote start functions will be tested to ensure everything is working as it should be before being shown to owner
  11. The remote starter will now be demonstrated to the owner of the vehicle and any questions will be answered at this point

How to Save Money on Remote Starter Replacement

remote starter handSo by now you may be asking yourself what are the remote starter installation costs and how can I save money on my replacement?

There are a few key points which can be covered in order for you to save money on your replacement remote starter.

When you are due a replacement, make sure you check out all the available convenient features that many remote starters offer. The more high quality a remote starter, the more features it will enable you to add to the control. In the long run, this may be more cost effective and convenient for you.

There is also the option of shopping around. Buying from one place but getting it installed elsewhere, but there is also a huge risk of the device either not working correctly or not having been installed properly. You then run the risk having a device that doesn’t work at all, but by shopping and installing at the same place you reduce that risk and also save yourself from any future hassle.

So what if you don’t want to get it installed at a shop and you would much rather do it yourself?

There are plenty of videos online that can guide you through the process, and many aftermarket places sell remote starters with instructions provided, helping you cut down the costs of getting it installed by a professional. But again, if something goes wrong, you are then left in a financial dilemma of having to repay to get someone to fit the new remote.

When it comes to finding a remote starter to fit your budget you have the option of finding schemes that offer warranties on the remote and replacement plans. A remote starter doesn’t void the warranty you already have on your vehicle, no matter where you purchase it from.

But a key point in replacement remote starters is that the cheapest option isn’t necessarily going to save you money in the long run.

A lot of alternative remote starters can end up damaging your vehicle if not properly installed or if the correct remote isn’t bought for your vehicle. If it safe and more cost-effective to have remote starters fitted by professionals.

Sample Costs for Remote Starter Installation

We’ve compiled some costs for having a remote starter installed on a range of popular car models to help give you an idea of what you’ll pay for your car.

Ford F-Series$85 – $146$108 – $209$193 – $355
Chevrolet Silverado$85 – $146$108 – $209$193 – $355
Ford Focus$85 – $146$108 – $209$193 – $355
Toyota Camry$85 – $146$177 – $281$262 – $427
Toyota Corolla$85 – $146$177 – $281$262 – $427
Nissan Altima$85 – $146$108 – $209$193 – $355
Honda CR-V$85 – $146$148 – $219$233 – $365
Honda Civic$85 – $146$148 – $219$233 – $365
Honda Accord$85 – $146$148 – $219$233 – $365
Ford Fusion$85 – $146$108 – $209$193 – $355

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