Repair Costs

Automotive Service Costs & Information

Many components of your car need to be regularly serviced and maintained to provide many years of safe and reliable operation of your vehicle. Select one of the vehicle components from the list below to learn more about maintenance procedures and their average prices for consumers.
ABS Control Module
AC Accumulator
AC Condenser
AC Compressor
AC Evaporator
AC Fan
AC Recharge
Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
Air Intake Temperature Sensor
Antifreeze Leak
Axle Repair
Ball Joint
Belt Tensioner
Blend Door Actuator
Blower Motor
Body Control Module
Brake Booster
Brake Line
Brake Pedal
Battery Replacement
Brake PadsBrake Pads
Brake Fluid Flush
Brake CalipersBrake Calipers
Brake DrumsBrake Drums
Cabin Air Filter
Camshaft Position Actuator
Camshaft Position Sensor
Canister Purge Valve
Catalytic Converter
Clutch Cable
Clutch Disc
Clutch Fan
Clutch Pressure Plate
Clutch Release Bearing
Clutch Slave Cylinder
CMP Sensor
Control Arm
Control Arm Bushing
Coolant Flush
Coolant Leak
Coolant Reservoir
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Cooling Fan Relay
Crankshaft Position Sensor
Crankshaft Replacement
CV Axle
CV Joint
Differential Fluid Change
Drive Belt
Drive Shaft
ECT Sensor
EGR Valve
EGR Replacement
EGR Solenoid
Electronic Throttle Control
EVAP System
Exhaust Leak
Exhaust Manifold
Front Wheel Bearing
Fuel Filter
Fuel Injector
Fuel Pressure Sensor
Fuel Pump
Fuel System Cleaning
Head Gasket
Headlight Bulb
Heater Core
Heater Fan
Heater Hose
Hub Assembly
IAC Valve
Ignition Cylinder
Ignition Switch
Injector Pump
MAP Sensor
Mass Air Flow Sensor
Master Cylinder
Motor Mounts
Muffler Repair Cost
Oil Change
Oil Leak
Oil Pan Gasket
Oil Pressure Sensor
Oxygen SensorOxygen Sensor
Power Steering Pump
Powertrain Control Module
Pressure Control Solenoid
Purge Valve
Rack and Pinion
Radiator Flush
Radiator Hose
Rear Defroster
Rear Differential
Rear Main Seal
Remote Starter
Secondary Air Injector
Side View Mirror
Shift Solenoid Valve
Serpentine BeltSerpentine Belt
Spark Plugs
Speed Sensor
Starter Repair
Starter Replacement
Steering Gear Box
Steering Rack
Tie Rods
Tune UpsTune Ups
Timing BeltTiming Belt
Timing Chain
Tire BalancingTire Balancing
Tire AlignmentTire Alignment
Tire Rotation
Transmission Fluid Cost
Valve Cover Gasket
Water PumpWater Pump
Wheel Bearing Replacement
Window Replacement
Windshield WipersWindshield Wipers

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