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All cars are required to have secondary air injection systems, which make exhaust emissions cleaner and help to combust more harmful gases. If your secondary air system fails, then replacing it will cost you between $270-$390. The labor should run you about $90, while parts cost, on average, about $250.

Secondary Air Injection System Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$98-$650



Parts & Labour12 months$79-$718


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$88-$726



Parts & Labour24 months$91-$599







What Is Secondary Air Injection System Replacement?

If your car has a belt-driven air injection system, then the process for replacing the parts will be different than if it is a more conventional electrical system. This can affect how long it will take to change out the parts and install new ones, altering your labor costs.

It’s possible that there will be damage to surrounding parts, such as the electrical connectors or other components, when the air injection system malfunctions. This can increase your repair costs as well, and the mechanic may not find these kinds of problems until partway through repairs. So, be prepared to pay extra, especially if this problem has been allowed to continue for a while.

Benefits of Secondary Air Injection System Replacement

Getting the secondary air injection system replaced will give you a cleaner, more energy efficient car. You may benefit from better fuel economy, and you will be reducing your car’s harmful emission. If you have a belt-driven system, then you will be protecting other belts in the car and ensuring that your car continues to work properly. If those belts are damaged, then your vehicle may not run at all, or other systems can become damaged if the problem is allowed to persist.

What Is Done during Secondary Air Injection System Replacement?

The mechanic will either disconnect the electrical connectors or take off the damaged belts to get to the air pump for the secondary air injection system. The new pump will be installed and the connectors or belts put back in the right place. The mechanic will check for surrounding damage when doing this replacement, as some additional parts may need to be replaced.

When to Get Secondary Air Injection System Replacement

You will still be able to drive your vehicle when the secondary air injection system fails, in most cases. If it is a belt-driven system, then it is possible that the damaged belt will knock the other belts off and cause you serious problems, but conventional secondary air systems won’t affect how the car operates, for the most part. They will make your emissions more toxic, if they begin to malfunction, though, and your car will fail an emissions test when that happens.

You can determine if you have a problem with your car’s secondary air injection system by paying attention to your car’s emission. If they look very dark, then it’s possible that the air system is your issue. You may also notice abnormal noises and the check engine light may come on.

How to Save Money on Secondary Air Injection System Replacement

This could be a great project for those who want to do the replacement on their own and cut their costs a bit. Replacing the air pump from the secondary air injection system is fairly straightforward in most vehicles. If you don’t mind the hours of work it takes, then you can save some cash this way.

You can also save money by taking time to compare costs on labor and parts among various mechanics in your area. You may find a good deal by shopping around and sourcing as many quotes as you can, but keep in mind that the estimate the mechanic gives you may not hold, once they start looking under the hood and replacing your air system.

Sample Secondary Air Injection System Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$61-$82$207-$264$268-$346
Chevrolet Silverado$108-$138$116-$158$224-$296
Ford Focus$61-$82$207-$264$268-$346
Toyota Camry$270-$344$191-$287$461-$631
Toyota Corolla$234-$298$191-$287$425-$585
Nissan Altima$61-$82$207-$264$268-$346
Honda CR-V$69-$236$216-$275$285-$511
Honda Civic$45-$57$33-$86$78-$143
Honda Accord$45-$57$33-$86$78-$143
Ford Fusion$61-$82$207-$264$268-$346

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