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Your speed sensor relays data from the wheels to the braking system (ABS) to tell it how fast the axle is spinning. This ensures that when you use the brakes that you don’t damage the axle or other car parts by applying too much pressure on them. It also informs the car’s computer how much power needs to be applied to stop the car safely.

To replace the speed sensor, you are going to pay, on average, between $330 and $380. The labor should only cost you between $80 and $100, while parts will run you about $265.

Speed Sensor Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$146-$794



Parts & Labour12 months$139-$815


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$127-$831



Parts & Labour24 months$144-$799







What Is Speed Sensor Replacement?

The sooner you get this problem resolved, the less you will have to pay. Your tires and brakes could suffer damage over time if you drive for a long time without fixing the speed sensor. You should also take into consideration that your car’s sensor may take longer than other sensors to replace or it may cost more, due to the kind of car you have.

This entire process should take an hour to an hour and a half, and if you have dealt with the issue as soon as you noticed it, then it should be straightforward.

Benefits of Speed Sensor Replacement

Once you get the speed sensor replaced, you will enjoy better control over your vehicle. The tires should not slip, and the brakes should control much better. The vehicle should respond faster and more effectively, making for a safer, more comfortable ride. You’ll potentially save on major repairs if you get this fixed quickly since a bad braking system can lead to traffic collisions and other costly repairs.

What Is Done during Speed Sensor Replacement?

On some cars, replacing the sensor is as simple as unscrewing it and replacing it with a new one. On other vehicles, the entire wheel hub has to be dismantled. This can drive up labor costs substantially. Multiple parts may need to be removed, including the ball joint and bearing assembly. Be sure to get an estimate from your mechanic before the work starts so that you have an idea of how expensive this will be for you.

When to Get Speed Sensor Replacement

Your sensor is going to fail in time. This component is usually placed near the wheel hub, which is close to the road, and it puts up with a lot of stress from the road and the various components it is placed next to. That means you should have this sensor checked every so often for signs of failure so that you can catch the problem early before it becomes a major issue and a safety hazard.

Look for signs of trouble braking, odd sounds coming from the brakes and tire slipping. Some of the dashboard indicator lights may come on as well, signaling a problem. All of these could be indicators that your speed sensor needs to be replaced.

This isn’t something you want to ignore or let slide for a while before having it fixed. In fact, it may not be safe to drive your vehicle when it has this kind of problem. You need to have it fixed as soon as possible and try to avoid driving the vehicle until the issue is resolved.

How to Save Money on Speed Sensor Replacement

One way to save money on the repairs is to just do the work on your own. You can replace the speed sensor at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a mechanic to do it, but you should leave the diagnosis up to the professionals. Let a mechanic determine what the problem is for certain before you go and replace the sensor.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing the job yourself, you can always compare costs from one mechanic to another to get the best price. Since the parts are the most expensive component in this repair, you should try to source them yourself and see if you can shave off some money from the total.

Sample Speed Sensor Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$90-$115$86-$324$176-$439
Chevrolet Silverado$144-$184$224-$256$368-$440
Ford Focus$45-$57$98-$158$143-$215
Toyota Camry$81-$103$306-$694$387-$797
Toyota Corolla$144-$184$306-$578$450-$762
Nissan Altima$81-$103$70-$696$151-$799
Honda CR-V$144-$184$238-$556$382-$740
Honda Civic$90-$115$94-$222$184-$337
Honda Accord$144-$184$48-$106$192-$290
Ford Fusion$81-$103$62-$88$143-$191

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