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The steering rack is what pulls the car’s wheels in the direction that you have turned the steering wheel. This rack and pinion setup can be electronically assisted, hydraulically assisted or not assisted at all. We are going to talk about replacing that rack when it starts to malfunction and what you can expect during the replacement process.

You will pay anywhere from $640 to $1,200 for steering rack replacement. The labor will likely be between $280 and $360, while parts should be between $350 and $830. The wide range of prices on parts comes down to the different types of cars this replacement could be performed on. The more expensive cars tend to have the more expensive parts.

Steering Rack Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$413-$1468



Parts & Labour12 months$515-$1688


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$374-$1609



Parts & Labour24 months$445-$1704







What Is Steering Rack Replacement?

How long this removal process takes and how much it costs depends primarily on the kind of vehicle you have. The removal process varies from one vehicle to another. For some, the mechanic will have to take out the drive shaft or the front subframe, while in others the steering rack can simply be removed directly from the vehicle’s chassis. You can talk to the mechanic before he begins any work to find out how long the repairs are expected to take and what kind of work will be involved.

Benefits of Steering Rack Replacement

Fixing the steering rack benefits you by giving you better control over the vehicle. It means fewer problems with steering and slippage and a more reliable vehicle and a more comfortable driving experience overall. The sooner you get the steering rack replaced, the better you will be able to protect your vehicle and its steering components, and the safer you ride will be.

What Is Done during Steering Rack Replacement?

The mechanic will need first to locate the steering rack and then drain out the power steering fluid. Then will then remove the hoses from the steering rack and remove the outer tie rods from the steering knuckles. All electrical connections will then be removed from the steering rack, and the rack will be unbolted and removed. Then the new steering rack can be installed, and the components that were moved out of the way can be put back in their place.

Finally, the mechanic will refill the power steering fluid, and then test the vehicle to ensure the steering works as it should.

When to Get Steering Rack Replacement

If the steering rack is giving you trouble, then in all likelihood, you have some sort of leak. How big or small that leak is will determine if you need to get the problem fixed right away or if you can safely drive for a while longer before seeking repairs. A large leak will prevent the vehicle from pumping enough fluid into the required sections the car to operate effectively, and you will probably know that you have a major leak because the vehicle will either stop working or will make a lot of unsavory noises. If there is belt or pulley failure, then your vehicle may not operate, if those components drive other systems.

Signs to look for that will tell you if have a steering rack issue include an odd feel to the steering of the vehicle, odd sounds coming from the steering wheel, leaking power steering fluid and looseness in the steering wheel.

How to Save Money on Steering Rack Replacement

You could conceivably save money by doing the replacement job yourself, but you have to consider if you are qualified and experienced enough for it. This isn’t something that should be done by someone who has not performed this kind of repair before, as you can end up causing more problems than what you are trying to fix. You should just leave this up to the professionals instead of trying to save money by making it a DIY job.

If youreally want to save money and you don’t have any experience replacing steering racks, then you can always shop around for the best prices on mechanics and parts for this job. You may find some great deals just by looking around and comparing prices.

Sample Steering Rack Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$162-$207$251-$402$413-$609
Chevrolet Silverado$180-$229$215-$798$395-$1027
Ford Focus$216-$275$262-$397$478-$672
Toyota Camry$738-$941$410-$904$1148-$1845
Toyota Corolla$720-$918$389-$893$1109-$1811
Nissan Altima$252-$321$458-$1049$710-$1370
Honda CR-V$540-$688$448-$937$988-$1625
Honda Civic$369-$470$366-$523$735-$993
Honda Accord$423-$539$365-$594$788-$1133
Ford Fusion$234-$298$671-$841$905-$1139

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