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The sway bar works with the suspension of the car to keep the vehicle from shifting too much or experiencing too much stress when you drive on rough parts of the road. Every jolt the car experiences is minimized by the sway bar so that the car and its various components last longer. The sway bar can deteriorate over time or become damaged, and at that point, it will need to be replaced.

This replacement will cost you between $130 and $160. The labor should run you between $50 and $70, while parts should cost $75 and $95.

Sway Bar Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$95-$228



Parts & Labour12 months$103-$261


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$91-$275



Parts & Labour24 months$99-$250







What Is Sway Bar Replacement?

This replacement job usually involves taking out the link rather than the whole bar, as that tends to be the weakest part or the part that is most like to break down, but there may be more parts to be replaced, due to the amount of damage your car has experienced. No matter which part of the sway bar or suspension system is causing you issues, your car may experience similar symptoms.

Benefits of Sway Bar Replacement

Fixing this issue will give you better control over your vehicle. A damaged sway bar can affect handling and steering, and you’ll have a much safer car once you take care of the damaged sway bar. Since this issue can become worse over time and damage parts of the suspension if left unresolved, you will be saving yourself a lot of money and time for repairs later on by getting it fixed as soon as possible.

What Is Done during Sway Bar Replacement?

To replace the sway bar, the mechanic will have to hoist the vehicle up and remove the wheels. How the sway bars are held in place will be different from one vehicle to the next, but usually, some nuts need to be removed to get it off. This can take time if you are dealing with an older vehicle and there is a level of corrosion that has set in. The link bar will be taken off and replaced with a new one, which will be fastened in place. Then the wheels can be put back on and the vehicle tested. The mechanic may want to do a road test to ensure the vehicle handles properly, and to ascertain that all problems have been resolved.

When to Get Sway Bar Replacement

You may not notice when our front sway bar needs to be replaced. The more obvious signs that it is malfunctioning would be a clanking sound while you are driving and loose steering when you turn the wheel. More often than not, though, you will likely only be alerted to this problem when your mechanic notices while repairing your vehicle or servicing it.

You will have to replace the broken sway bar as soon as possible, since it can affect the control you have over the car and how safe it is to drive, especially at high speeds. You can still drive the vehicle with this problem, but it’s not advisable, especially if it is a serious malfunction.

How to Save Money on Sway Bar Replacement

Since this is a relatively simple replacement job, you can do the work yourself and cut your costs a little bit. Just make sure you know how to diagnose the issue and that you are not missing something that needs to be replaced or repaired.

You can also save money by checking around for prices from various mechanics in your area. The cheapest one is not always the best, but you may be able to save a little bit of money and still get the service you need.

Sample Sway Bar Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$61-$78$54-$72$115-$150
Chevrolet Silverado$70-$89$122-$146$192-$235
Ford Focus$52-$67$74-$94$126-$161
Toyota Camry$52-$67$154-$172$206-$239
Toyota Corolla$52-$67$74-$94$126-$161
Nissan Altima$52-$67$74-$94$126-$161
Honda CR-V$52-$67$106-$130$158-$197
Honda Civic$52-$67$106-$130$158-$197
Honda Accord$52-$67$44-$58$96-$125
Ford Fusion$52-$67$74-$94$126-$161

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