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The transmission control module helps the vehicle know when to change gears. It allows for smooth transition from one gear to the next, so when it starts to malfunction, then it can cause you serious problems and make it difficult to operate the vehicle effectively.

Changing out the transmission module will cost you $210- $1,100. The labor should be between $70 and $140, while parts can be as low as $140 or as much as $960.

Transmission Control Module Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$1025-$1290



Parts & Labour12 months$1055-$1310


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$1010-$1275



Parts & Labour24 months$990-$1274







What Is Transmission Control Module Replacement?

Replacing the control module for the transmission can be a fairly straightforward affair in some cars. However, there can be a lot of parts to move out of the way, or the parts may be incredibly expensive. You need to be prepared for these costs with this kind of replacement job. You can always ask your mechanic for an estimate, and if you don’t like their answer, you can see someone else to try to find a better price or get a second opinion.

Benefits of Transmission Control Module Replacement

By getting your transmission module fixed, you will enjoy a much safer and reliable ride. You won’t have to worry about sudden shifts in power or bursts of speed, and you will have better control over the vehicle.

Fixing the transmission module when it goes bad also means that you are protecting your engine, transmission and other car parts from excessive wear and tear. You’ll save on future repairs and enjoy better gas mileage, so you definitely want to get this repair done as soon as you notice there is a problem.

What Is Done during Transmission Control Module Replacement?

The process for changing out the transmission control module varies from one car to the next, so we will give you a sample replacement process, but your cars may be different.

The mechanic will first remove the transmission module cover from the passenger side of the vehicle. To do this, he will have to pull out the carpet on the passenger’s side floor and open up the kickplate. Then he will need to remove the screws that hold the control module in place.

Once the cover is off, he can disconnect the cables for the module and pull the module out. The module housing and surrounding areas should be cleaned of dust and grime, after which the new module can be put in place. From there, everything can be put back where it goes, and the new module tested out by taking the car for a test drive. In newer cars, error codes may need to be cleared before the car is ready to be handed back over to the owner.

When to Get Transmission Control Module Replacement

Because the transmission module is responsible for changing gears automatically, you will most likely experience gear shift issues when it starts to malfunction. Your car may want to shift to neutral on its own and stay there, or it may lag between gear shifts. So, you may hear a whirring or grinding noise when you accelerate or decelerate. You may also see the check engine light come on or you may notice that the vehicle sputters or shuts down unexpectedly, especially when first starting it up or when accelerating. There may also be unexpected bursts of power, which can be very dangerous when you are near other vehicles and moving at high speeds.

It’s best to get this fixed as soon s you can, as allowing the problem to persist unattended and driving the vehicle in this condition can be very dangerous. If possible, the vehicle should be towed to the mechanic and not driven until it is repaired.

The module should not break down very often, but it should be inspected from time to time to catch this kind of problem before it becomes serious.

How to Save Money on Transmission Control Module Replacement

The control module can be rebuilt, as a way to save money and still enjoy a decent car component that should work well for a while. However, you don’t want to rebuild it if yourself if you don’t have experience with that sort of repair work.

You can also save money by sourcing parts on your own or by comparing the cost of labor and fees from one mechanic to the next.

Another way to save money is to do the replacement yourself, whether it is rebuilding the module or replacing it. Once again, if you don’t have the requisite experience, then this is something best left to the professionals. You don’t want to end up damaging your car or misdiagnosing the problem.

Sample Transmission Control Module Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$300-$330$755-$835$1055-$1165
Chevrolet Silverado$390-$410$815-$880$1205-$1290
Ford Focus$300-$330$755-$835$1055-$1165
Toyota Camry$350-$395$800-$855$1150-$1250
Toyota Corolla$350-$395$800-$855$1150-$1250
Nissan Altima$280-$295$710-$800$990-$1005
Honda CR-V$368-$400$805-$860$1173-$1260
Honda Civic$368-$400$805-$860$1173-$1260
Honda Accord$368-$400$805-$860$1173-$1260
Ford Fusion$300-$330$755-$835$1055-$1165

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