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sYour transmission takes power from the engine and transfers it to the driveshaft and other components of the car, allowing them to work in tandem and to propel the car where it needs to go. The transmission also changes the gears, and an automatic transmission is responsible for many gear changes that you may not even be aware of as you drive. If the fluid becomes dirty or the filter is polluted, then it is time to change them out.

You are going to pay somewhere between $250 and $340 to have your transmission filter changed out. Labor should cost between $100 and $125, while parts range from $150-$215.

Transmission Filter Change Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$151-$380



Parts & Labour12 months$142-$399


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$149-$410



Parts & Labour24 months$165-$379







What Is a Transmission Filter Change?

This is a simple procedure that you will need to have done every so often, just to keep things running smoothly. If there is too much dirt or pollutants in the fluid or filter, then the transmission won’t run like it is supposed to, so you will have to have the transmission fluid and filter changed out on a regular basis to keep things running smoothly.

Any mechanic should be able to do this for you without costing you a lot of money. The prices we listed above are estimates based on averages from around the country, and they don’t include fees and taxes, which can bring up the price even more.

Benefits of a Transmission Filter Change

Getting the filter changed out and keeping it clean will ensure that your car runs smoother. There will be less rough driving or engine sputtering, and the vehicle will transition from one gear to the next seamlessly when the fluid and filter are clean and clear. You will also protect your transmission and engine by keeping the fluid unpolluted as much as possible. This saves you on gas usage and repairs and protects your investment.

You’ll also have a safer vehicle to drive, as clean transmission fluid helps your car control better, preventing sudden shifts in power and speed.

What Is Done During a Transmission Filter Change

Your mechanic will want to change out the transmission fluid and the transmission filter at the same time, as they both tend to gunk up and be dirty at once. To start, he will check for leaks, as that is one way that the fluid can become dirty quickly.

Then he will remove the transmission oil pan (which is required in most, but not all vehicles) and take out the transmission filter by unscrewing it. In some cases, the mechanic will want to change out the pan as well. The fluid will be drained and the necessary parts replaced. Then the mechanic will test the vehicle to ensure that there are no issues with the transmission.

When to Get a Transmission Filter Change

If you inspect the transmission fluid yourself from time to time (which you should only do when the vehicle is no longer hot) you may be able to tell if it is dirty. If it looks dark, clouded or dirty, then it is time to change out the filter and fluid. This inexpensive change out can save you a lot of money later, and it’s best to get it done as regularly as possible.

Many mechanics recommend that you change out the transmission fluid every 5000 miles, but that may not be necessary, depending on what kind of car you have and how you drive it. You will have to make your own judgment call there, but just don’t go more than 150,000 miles without having it changed out, no matter what kind of car you have.

How to Save Money on a Transmission Filter Change

You can change out the filter and fluid on your own if you are looking for ways to cut costs or you just want to enjoy a DIY project on your car. This is a great money saver, and it’s a pretty simple change out to do, so you don’t have to have a lot of experience to pull it off successfully and not risk damaging your car. Just be sure to wait until the vehicle has cooled down to mess with the transmission fluid.

You can also shop around to find the cheapest mechanic for the job. This isn’t a complicated service, so anyone should be able to do it for you without any trouble.

Sample Transmission Filter Change Costs

Ford F-Series$96-$123$140-$189$236-$312
Chevrolet Silverado$114-$145$107-$183$221-$328
Ford Focus$114-$145$79-$113$193-$258
Toyota Camry$184-$234$76-$161$260-$395
Toyota Corolla$132-$167$72-$151$204-$318
Nissan Altima$70-$89$76-$205$146-$294
Honda CR-V$88-$111$91-$214$179-$325
Honda Civic$88-$111$87-$98$175-$209
Honda Accord$88-$111$80-$90$168-$201
Ford Fusion$96-$123$76-$130$172-$253

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