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Although the valve cover gasket is a small piece of your car, it is intended to last a long time. It’s made from high quality materials, in most cases, and that means it is going to be a little expensive. For this small piece of rubber, you can expect to pay between $20 and $80. Now that’s for the part alone. If other components of the engine are damaged because of a faulty gasket, then that will cost you extra.

To just replace that gasket, you can expect to pay for about 1 ½ to 5 hours of work. The make and model of your car will determine how much work is involved. Most labor costs range between $70 and $200, but a few outliers may throw off the average.

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Cost Comparison

Below are some example costs of having the cover gasket replaced at some of the leading repair shops. We’ve also included some specialist parts suppliers in the event you wish to do the repairs yourself.

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$89 – $241


Parts & Labour12 months$85 – $319

Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$90 – $289

Pep Boys

Parts6 Months$18 – $78


PartsLimited$16 – $88


PartsLimited$12 – $142

What Is a Valve Cover Gasket Replacement?

On top of your car’s engine is a valve cover. This allows mechanics access to the various valves and lets them correct engine problems without having to take the entire engine apart. Holding that valve cover in place is a small gasket, made of rubber, in most cases.

The high heat of the engine and surrounding parts can cause that gasket to become brittle and even crack. When that happens, you are going to have to replace it.

Benefits of a Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

Nissan_GA16DENow the valve cover gasket serves an important function within the engine. It holds the cover in place and ensures that no oil is leaking out. If that oil starts to leak, it can not only damage the parts of the car it gets on, but it can cause the engine to lose its lubrication.

Your engine needs that oil to keep everything running smoothly and to prevent friction. By ensuring your valve cover gasket is secure and in good condition, you will greatly prolong the life of your engine and all its many components. You will save a lot of money on car repairs and have fewer car troubles to be concerned about.

Just by keeping up with this one component and ensuring it is in top condition, you can lower your car repair costs and make sure you can keep using the same car and the same engine for a long time to come.

Your mechanic should be checking this item each time they perform an inspection. If you are concerned about the gasket’s condition or you think there might be a problem caused by the gasket, then ask your mechanic to inspect it.

When Should I Have the Valve Cover Gasket Replaced?

If your mechanic finds that your gasket is starting to look brittle or that it is cracked or damaged in any way, then you need to have it fixed right away. This is not the kind of problem that can wait to be repaired, because leaking oil in the engine let in by a faulty gasket will cause major problems. The gasket may be a relatively inexpensive part to fix, but once it malfunctions, it can create costly problems.

So how do you know if your gasket is giving your trouble and if it needs to be replaced? You can perform a visual inspection. You want to look for miniscule fractures and obvious cracks. Beyond a physical inspection though, you can also watch for signs that your gasket needs to be replaced.

If you notice leaking oil pooled under your car or you hear your engine making odd noises, you may need to consider that the gasket is at fault. You should also watch the engine light indicator light as well as the temperature gauge. If either of these is warning of problems, the gasket may be your culprit.

What Is Done during a Valve Cover Gasket Replacement?

  1. The mechanic may begin by cleaning a lot of the surfaces around the engine. If your oil has begun to leak out, it will have caused a mess on the engine, and cleaning that up will give the mechanic a better idea of the full extent of the damage.
  2. To get to the valve cover and the gasket, the mechanic may have to remove the intake. This large section of the car will be secured with clamps, but these can be loosened with a screwdriver.
  3. The solenoid will also have to removed. The mechanic may be able to unplug it, but in most cases they will need to unbolt it. Connecting wires, hoses and spark plugs should also be taken out to ensure easy access to the cover.
  4. Finally, the cover can be removed. If the gasket is faulty, the cover may also be damaged, so the mechanic will inspect both to see what needs to be replaced. Once the necessary materials are replaced, everything can be put back where it was.

How to Save Money on a Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

1993_Saab_900T_Convertible_B202_engineDepending on the kind of vehicle you have you may be able to do this repair for yourself. You can actually save a lot of the replacement costs by eliminating the labor expense entirely.

This isn’t a very complicated replacement process, and with some instructions, most people can do the replacement on their own. Just be sure you are following specific replacement guidelines for your vehicle, as removing some parts improperly can cause oil leaks and other problems.

If you would rather not do the it yourself, you can always shop around and get quotes from a few different mechanics. While finding a cheap mechanic is preferable, you also want to make sure they are reliable, so you may want to get a second opinion on them before you agree to let them work on your car.

Sample Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Costs

Below are some sample prices for having the repair done on some of the most widely owned cars in the country. While the cost will change depending on where you have the work done, it should give an idea of how much you can expect to pay for different models.

Ford F-Series$150 – $191$28 – $87$178 – $278
Chevrolet Silverado$71 – $90$18 – $64$89 – $154
Ford Focus$71 – $90$21 – $78$92 – $168
Toyota Camry$71 – $90$28 – $41$99 – $131
Toyota Corolla$63 – $80$22 – $39$85 – $119
Nissan Altima$181 – $231$34 – $45$215 – $276
Honda CR-V$71 – $90$26 – $58$97 – $148
Honda Civic$94 – $121$32 – $60$126 – $181
Honda Accord$94 – $121$22 – $57$116 – $178
Ford Fusion$189 – $241$21 – $78$210 – $319

Valve Cover Gasket Costs Submitted By Our Users

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