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The variable cam timing solenoid, or VCT, is a specific term for a VVT, or variable valve timing solenoid. This solenoid is tasked with engaging and disengaging several timing mechanisms in the vehicle, essentially helping keep various moving parts working in tandem. Once that VCT solenoid malfunctions or burns out, your entire vehicle may experience problems, and you will need to get the solenoid replaced. We are going to show you what that replacement process will be.

For a VCT solenoid replacement, you will pay between $80 and $410. The labor on that replacement should be between $30 and $155, while parts should be between $50 and $255.

VCT Solenoid Replacement Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$122-$680



Parts & Labour12 months$133-$711


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$131-$719



Parts & Labour24 months$140-$722







What Is VCT Solenoid Replacement?

This replacement job should be straightforward, and the only issue is if you have been driving the car for a while with the solenoid not working as it should. That could lead to further damage and may require further repairs. In most cases though, the mechanic can change out the solenoid quickly and without any complications.

Benefits of VCT Solenoid Replacement

Fixing the VCT solenoid can make your car much more pleasant to drive. It should not vibrate as much when idling or have engine misfires or major changes in power as you drive. You will also protect the engine from excessive wear and tear and make the car much safer to drive.

What Is Done during VCT Solenoid Replacement?

All the mechanic has to do is take out the old solenoid or solenoids and move around a single electronic connector, and then put in the new solenoid. Then he will test the car to ensure it is working properly and to ascertain the that the issue was not misdiagnosed.

When to Get VCT Solenoid Replacement

Some vehicles can still be driven when the solenoid is not working properly. The car may not run as smoothly, and you may have some trouble getting it to start, but it’s okay to drive for a little while longer before you get repairs done, in most cases. In some cars, however, a failed solenoid means that the car may not even start.

You will need to get the solenoid replaced eventually, and you can look for early warning signs that the solenoid is starting to fail. The check engine light may come on, and there may be some leaking around the solenoid. In some instances, the solenoid will continue to advance all the time, and this can cause engine misfires, excessive vibrations when the car is idling and unexpected changes in engine power.

How to Save Money on VCT Solenoid Replacement

This is a very simple replacement job, so if you are inclined to do it yourself, it would be a good task for amateur mechanics. You don’t even have to have much knowledge or experience in car repair to change it out successfully. The only thing you should be concerned about is diagnosing the problem correctly, and if you aren’t sure that you are changing out the right parts or assigning the correct issues to the symptoms your car is experiencing, then you should get a mechanic’s opinion.

You can save money as well by comparing costs of labor from one mechanic to another mechanic. You might find a better deal by shopping around and not just going with the first mechanic you find.

Sample VCT Solenoid Replacement Costs

Ford F-Series$96-$123$82-$290$178-$413
Chevrolet Silverado$184-$234$45-$46$229-$280
Ford Focus$123-$206$56-$57$179-$263
Toyota Camry$61-$78$366-$367$427-$445
Toyota Corolla$44-$56$103-$104$147-$160
Nissan Altima$26-$222$115-$522$141-$744
Honda CR-V$26-$34$110-$166$136-$200
Honda Civic$35-$156$102-$250$137-$406
Honda Accord$39-$78$104-$532$143-$610
Ford Fusion$96-$123$82-$290$178-$413

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