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The window motor is installed on every vehicle that has power windows, and it regulates the windows as they open and close. Over time, this motor can fail on you, and we will show you what you can expect from the repair process.

It costs between $240 and $400 to repair the window motor. The labor on this job should be between $120 and $155, while parts can run you between $120 and $240.

Window Motor Repair Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$177-$388



Parts & Labour12 months$181-$399


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$185-$415



Parts & Labour24 months$171-$422







What Is Window Motor Repair?

Generally, only the motor will need to be repaired when it goes bad, but in some cars, the regulator and the motor are integrated. In those cases, both parts will need to be replaced at the same time. Before you or the mechanic try to repair the motor, it’s a good idea to look at the owner’s manual and see how best to access the motor without damaging the window trim and other nearby components.

Benefits of Window Motor Repair

Getting the window motor fixed means that you can operate the windows properly once more. You won’t be stuck with a window that is locked in the down or up position, allowing you more comfort and security. Your car is at risk of being vandalized or stolen if the window is down, and rain, snow or pests can get into the car and damage it or cause you discomfort. Getting this fixed means that you can have a more comfortable and pleasant ride and not fear that your car will be easily broken into.

What Is Done during Window Motor Repair?

How the mechanic goes about replacing or preparing the window motor will depend on what kind of car you have. Usually, the mechanic will want to start by removing the inner door trim panel. He will have to watch out for any wires or cables that could get caught in the trim as he is removing it. Then the door vapor barrier will be removed, and the window will be unhooked from the regulator.

After that, the regulator can be removed and the faulty motor taken out and replaced. Then everything can be put back into place, and the mechanic can test the windows to ensure that they are working properly.

When to Get Window Motor Repair

You can still drive the vehicle whether window motor is not working, but you have to be aware of how it can affect your vehicle when the weather is unpleasant and how inclement weather can damage your car if your window motor is refusing to let you close the window. This can make your car vulnerable to theft as well. So, depending on the conditions, you may want to get the motor repaired sooner rather than later. It’s really up to you with this car repair job.

You will know when your car’s window motor is failing because it will give you trouble to open and close the windows. The windows may also work slower than normal or make odd noises when you try to operate them.

How to Save Money on Window Motor Repair

In most cases, a person could do the repairs themselves without any trouble. It’s always a good idea to consult the owner’s manual, just to be sure that you are accessing the motor correctly and not damaging anything else in the process. This can be a great way to cut your costs a bit.

Other ways to save money on this repair include buying the parts you need yourself and supplying them to the mechanic for a lower price than what they may charge you, as well as shopping around for mechanics that will do the service at a lower price than what you were initially offered.

Sample Window Motor Repair Costs

Ford F-Series$96-$123$121-$148$217-$271
Chevrolet Silverado$123-$156$119-$241$242-$397
Ford Focus$96-$123$121-$148$217-$271
Toyota Camry$79-$100$109-$121$188-$221
Toyota Corolla$79-$100$109-$121$188-$221
Nissan Altima$79-$100$109-$121$188-$221
Honda CR-V$123-$156$119-$241$242-$397
Honda Civic$123-$156$119-$241$242-$397
Honda Accord$123-$156$119-$241$242-$397
Ford Fusion$96-$123$121-$148$217-$271

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