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A window regulator is a component that cars with or without power windows will have that lowers and raises the window. It works with the motor, in cars with power windows, to operate them.

You are going to pay anywhere from $270 to $370 for window regulator repair. The labor on this job will be from $80-$100, while parts should cost you $190 and $270.

Window Regulator Repair Cost Comparison

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$148-$499



Parts & Labour12 months$172-$472


Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$161-$455



Parts & Labour24 months$159-$160







What Is Window Regulator Repair?

The regulator repair may not be time consuming or expensive, but in some cases, it is coupled with motor failure, and both may need to be replaced at the same time. If the window comes loose from the regulator, then it may need to be replaced as well, if it was damaged.

Benefits of Window Regulator Repair

Getting the window regulator fixed means that you can open and close the windows without a problem. You will have a more secure and safer vehicle, and the ride will be more pleasant and comfortable. It’s no emergency to get the regulator fixed, but you’lldefinitely benefit, especially if the weather is unpleasant or there is a high risk of vandalism or theft where you live.

What Is Done during Window Regulator Repair?

How the mechanic goes about removing the window regulator will vary from one car to the next. In general, the door trim will need to be removed, but carefully, so as not to snag any wires or cables inside. Then, the vapor barrier can be taken out and the regulator and window disconnected from one another. From there, the mechanic can take out the regulator and replace it with a new one; then everything can be put back into place. Afterwards, the mechanic will test the windows out to ensure the regulator is working properly.

When to Get Window Regulator Repair

If the window regulator has broken down or the window has come loose from the regulator, then you may still drive the car. If the window is loose, then it needs to be held in place, and the regulator can be prepared and the window put back in it its place.

You need to be aware that your vehicle will be vulnerable to theft and vandalism, if the window is not secure, and you may experience damage to the interior of your car if water gets inside. It may be uncomfortable to drive your car with the window not working probably, and pests can get inside and cause discomfort or damage as well.

You will likely know that your regulator is not functioning when the window won’t raise or lower properly. The window can come loose, and the windows may make odd sounds when you are operating them.

There is no set time to check for regulator malfunctions, but this component will wear out eventually. It’s a good idea you check your regulator after about 100,000 miles.

How to Save Money on Window Regulator Repair

You could save some cash by doing the repairs yourself. This isn’t a highly complex repair process, and if you know how to diagnose the problem properly, then you should not have any issue replacing the regulator.

You can also save money by shopping around and trying to find the best deal on labor costs and parts for this repair. You can save quite a bit by taking time to compare prices.

Sample Window Regulator Repair Costs

Ford F-Series$96-$123$139-$166$235-$289
Chevrolet Silverado$70-$89$201-$362$271-$451
Ford Focus$96-$123$139-$166$235-$289
Toyota Camry$79-$100$191-$269$270-$369
Toyota Corolla$79-$100$191-$269$270-$369
Nissan Altima$96-$123$139-$258$235-$381
Honda CR-V$132-$167$88-$159$220-$326
Honda Civic$176-$222$89-$238$265-$460
Honda Accord$167-$211$169-$258$336-$469
Ford Fusion$79-$100$69-$101$148-$201

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